Formulate® Series

Formulate® Series

As the premium line in the Formulate® tension fabric display collection, the unique angles, features and stylistic additions make these trade show display elements modern and sophisticated exhibit solutions. Available in 10ft, 20ft and 30ft backwalls, along with kiosks, counters and charging stations, the Formulate series couples lightweight aluminum tube frames with zipper pillowcase fabric graphics for a clean, stylish appearance. Many Designer portable display kits come with unique accessories, including monitor mounts, graphic accents and fabric canopies. This adds dimension to the display and provides an opportunity for multi-media messaging, allowing you to easily connect to your audience in any environment. Explore the wide variety of appearances, accents and sizes available today!

Formulate® tension fabric display collection, the Designer Series

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Formulate Designer Series tension fabric trade show displays

Offering unique shapes and special features, the premium line Formulate® Designer Series Tension Fabric Displays are guaranteed to make a statement amongst the many other tension fabric displays on the market. The simple push button or push to fit aluminum tube frame connections make set-up as well as take down a breeze, along with shipping. To further integrate maximum stability into every Formulate® Designer Series Tension Fabric Display, you'll find the weighted feet at the base of the display are not only low profile, but appealing to the eye. Another great feature is that your premium zippered pillowcase stretch fabric graphics are hand sewn and printed in the USA using the latest printing technology at the highest resolution to insure your color images will be vibrant! Also durable enough to be washed if necessary.

Available in a wide variety of sizes to fit within most traditional trade show booth spaces, the Formulate® Designer Series come in 10ft, 20ft and 30ft wide kits along with straight, inline, or curved shapes to fit your needs. Durable shipping cases are also included with your order, so the stress shipping your fabric trade show display is eliminated knowing your package will arrive safely and undamaged at your venue. Compared to other tension fabric trade show display styles available, the zippered pillowcase style is most popular due to the frame similicity, while also providing a streamlined look when setup.

Stretch fabric graphics are wrinkle reisitant, however, there may be some instances when this is not the case. After your fabric graphic is folded tightly with the display hardware, storage or shipping is guaranteed to cause additional wrinkles. However, when the fabric is stretched tightly over the frame hardware, this zippered, pillowcase type graphic process smooths out most wrinkles by pulling the graphic tighter than any other graphic attachment. And if any undesirable wrinkles remain in your graphic they can easily be removed with a steam iron immediatly after setup.