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Don’t Cancel Your Marketing Goals Because Of A Cancelled Trade Show

Due to the recent pandemic, many companies have been forced to rethink or reinvent their marketing strategies moving forward. Scheduled trade shows have been cancelled or postponed to 2021, but don’t push your 2020 marketing goals to the wayside just yet. By pivoting your marketing goals now, this will allow you to stay on track rather than letting your efforts fall stagnant.

Move forward with planned meetings.

Don’t cancel your meeting due to a cancelled trade show! Reach out to current clients or prospects you had planned to meet with as soon as you learn the event has been cancelled. Schedule a virtual meeting or plan an in-person meeting further down the road. It’s essential you contact these buyers right away to let them know you’re serious about staying in touch and you’re committed to a relationship with them.

It’s also important to have a detailed plan once you’ve scheduled your meeting. Whether virtual or in-person, provide the same information you would have at the trade show. Be transparent by sharing product samples or demonstrations live during your meeting rather than sending a pre-recorded video.

It’s highly important, especially now, to grow the relationship between your business and clients in order to thrive. Even if your clients are unable to reschedule a time to meet soon, continue to reach out and stay in touch to keep the door open for future communication.

Continue to work on growing your audience.

In-person marketing is hard to beat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your audience online while trade shows and events are on hold. Generating awareness of your brand online may take some budget adjustments and an increase in your online advertising. Focus on your target audience using paid social media ads which may open up the door for new sales.

Offering a giveaway on social media can also help grow your audience organically. Display your giveaway on all your social media accounts and your website. Asking followers and fans to like, share or tag a friend in the post to enter will increase views on your page, along with capturing their attention to your brand.

Newsletters are another great way to increase your audience. Try offering a discount for signing up or a special gift with their first order. Be creative with your methods but just be sure they will appeal to your target audience. Every new subscriber to your newsletter is an opportunity to nurture these leads and turn them into buyers.

Proceed with a new product launch.

We get it – it’s exciting to launch a new product at a live event and to witness the in-person reaction of your clients and prospects first hand. Try taking your in-person presentation online! Consider utilizing a webinar or hosting a virtual event to show off your new product or service. Present to your audience in real-time and allow them to comment with questions that may come up. This will help you connect with your viewers and demonstrates that your company is focused on the future.

Promote your virtual event as much as possible online and through your newsletters. Provide benefits if they attend to get your audience excited and buzzing about your brand.


Although it may not seem “business as usual” to rethink your 2020 marketing agenda, a cancelled trade show or event does not mean slamming the brakes on your goals. Quite frankly, you may be surprised by the results so keep moving forward!