The Role of Social Media in Trade Show Marketing: Best Practices for Online Engagement

Trade shows have long been a staple of the business world, serving as a platform for companies to showcase their products and connect with potential customers. In recent years, the advent of social media has dramatically transformed the landscape of trade show marketing. Social media platforms have become invaluable tools for promoting trade shows, engaging with a broader audience, and extending the reach of these events.

Let’s delve into the role of social media in trade show marketing and explore some best practices for online engagement to make your next trade show a resounding success. Continue reading “The Role of Social Media in Trade Show Marketing: Best Practices for Online Engagement”

Mastering the Art of Networking at Trade Shows


Trade shows present a golden opportunity for professionals to expand their network, forge valuable connections, and unlock new business prospects. However, navigating the bustling environment of a trade show and engaging with a diverse range of individuals can be intimidating, especially for those new to the scene.

Mastering the art of trade show networking is not only a skill that can propel your career or business to new heights but also an essential aspect of personal and professional growth. Let’s explore effective strategies to help you make the most of your trade show experience and leave a lasting impression on potential partners, clients, and collaborators. Continue reading “Mastering the Art of Networking at Trade Shows”

Maximizing Your Trade Show Budget: Cost-Effective Planning for Small Business

Trade shows are excellent opportunities for small businesses to showcase their products, build brand awareness, and network with potential clients and partners. However, participating in trade shows can be expensive, especially for small businesses with limited budgets.

The key to success lies in maximizing your trade show budget and making the most of every penny spent. Let’s explore some cost-effective strategies that can help small businesses achieve remarkable results at trade shows without breaking the bank. Continue reading “Maximizing Your Trade Show Budget: Cost-Effective Planning for Small Business”

Opportunity Still Knocks When Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Trade shows continue to be a fantastic way to promote your products and services and attract new customers. However, picking the right event isn’t always easy. Before selecting a trade show that best meets your exhibiting needs, it helps to be aware of all the different types that are available and make sure your attendance will be worthwhile in terms of both time and money. Here are a few of our best tips to help you choose the right trade show! Continue reading “Opportunity Still Knocks When Exhibiting at Trade Shows”

Enhancing Your Presence: Beyond the Trade Show Booth

If your company relies on attending trade shows, you certainly want to make the most of your time, effort, and financial investment. Your trade show booth must be properly set up and staffed in order to achieve this goal.
Having a well-designed trade show booth with knowledgeable staff is a terrific way to make connections with buyers, create leads, and record important data at trade shows. Keep in mind these other ideas to make the most of your attendance at these events.

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Trade Show Restart in Full Effect

It has no doubt been a challenging time and your trade show schedule definitely took a hit. As the restart of trade shows finally inches it’s way back into our marketing routine, attracting crowds of attendees and exhibitors, we can’t help but see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For example, The Utility Expo held in September 2021 turned out to be the largest in the show’s history, attracting 900+ exhibitors and 16K+ attendees, all spread out over the large Kentucky Expo Center (32 acres to be exact). Continue reading “Trade Show Restart in Full Effect”

#1 Tip When Taking Stock of Your Trade Show Inventory

Normally, once you return to the office after a few days or a week away while exhibiting at a trade show, checking inventory of your trade show stuff it typically last on the list. Most likely you shoved everything into the storage closet and got back to business hoping the next time you open the cases everything is there (and in good working order). But these are not normal times. 

Some of your co-workers may be working from home or on staggered shifts, so the office halls are empty and quiet leaving you plenty of space to pull everything “trade show related” out of the closet. This may be the last thing you feel like doing during your work day, but trust us once you’re done you will feel more organized and accomplished. You’ll know what’s on hand before your next event and be able to decide on a budget for what needs to be replaced.

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10 Ways To Fix Your Most Common Graphic Design Mistakes

Consider your trade show display graphics to be a lot like your store front.

You literally have 3 to 5 seconds to convey your message to passersby. And in that time you must:

1. Capture and captivate your audience attention
2. Quickly communicate services or products you have to offer
3. Entice and engage visitors to enter your booth space for a chat

All in 3 to 5 seconds! Easy right? Continue reading “10 Ways To Fix Your Most Common Graphic Design Mistakes”

Virtual Meeting Backdrops

Branding solutions to promote your business during any virtual meeting!

Many businesses are tuning their office into a virtual meeting space while working from home or practicing social distancing. Remote video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, allow you to easily connect with your co-workers, customers and possible new clients through video chat without even leaving the home. If you’ve got to hop on an important call, you’ll want a professional backdrop for everyone to see – not your messy bedroom, kids toys scattered everywhere or epic pile of laundry that needs to be folded!

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Small Business Marketing That Won’t Break The Bank

If you’ve ever gotten stuck in a marketing rut—you’re not alone.

Coming up with new and trendy marketing ideas starts to get hard, especially if you’re a small business, have a limited number of funds or have a small team to conjure up ideas from. We’ve all hit the inevitable marketing road block and thought to ourselves—“have we done all the marketing we can do?”

At, we face the same issues as any other small business. Trade show displays might be our thing, but that doesn’t mean every now and then we don’t hop on the struggle bus when it comes to marketing.

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