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High Quality Trade Show Displays Customized to Your Brand

Give Your Trade Show Display an Extreme Makeover for 2020

Attending trade shows and conferences year after year can get costly very quickly with your trade show display often becoming an oversight. Yeah you might have to pay a pretty penny to rent a booth space at each show, but if your trade show display is lacking, you definitely won’t see a return on your investment. 

Ring in the new year by evaluating your existing trade show display for wear and tear. There’s no need to worry though – you can spruce up your existing display sometimes just as easily as buying a new one, but without the hefty price tag. Your customers will be excited to see the change and will surely be inspired to take a closer look at your booth.

Here’s a few simple tips to give new life to your trade show image with an extreme makeover – trade show edition!

Update or Change Graphics

If you’ve had the same graphics for the past few years, you might want to consider having new graphics made. Maybe you’ve been wanting to test out a new marketing message or incorporate new design elements. There’s no better time than now! 

However, if you’re content with your logo and graphic, a simple reprint is a great way to spruce up your image with vibrant colors and high quality printing. Graphics are one of the biggest selling points and often the easiest to switch out, so keep things interesting to the eye with bright and bold images. Many trade show booths these days are designed with interchangeable panels that can be replaced at any time, making it an inexpensive way to give your trade show display an instant makeover.

Incorporate Furniture

If you will have a meeting area or are considering hosting important presentations in your booth, adding comfortable furniture to your trade show booth will highlight a space for gathering. Once you add furniture that aligns with your company’s brand aesthetically, your booth will offer an inviting feature, enticing those who may not have entered your booth before to speak with you regarding your products or services. Attendees feel at home and inspired to sit back and stay longer. It’s a win-win! 

Also adding portable elements, like literature displays, will provide information about your brand and add to your new look. And as the day progresses, attendees will be dying to charge their phones so in addition to a comfortable place to sit, providing a charging station is just another opportunity for you to meet their needs.

Add Technology

Most trade show booths are designed in a way that makes it easy to include large monitors or tablets on the display or back wall, or as a separate feature. Adding these innovative items to your old trade show booth will instantly update your brand image that goes beyond the graphics of your display. 

Showcase your website or social platforms on iPads and incorporate flat screen monitors with a video about your company or new product line. Host an informative presentation or play an interactive game with the help of large computer monitors in a specific viewing area within your booth. It’s a great way to entice people to enter your booth and make them stay long enough for a chat.

Hanging it High or Light it Up

Most attendees tend to look up when they walk onto the trade show floor. If you have a booth in the middle of the trade show floor or a corner exhibit, incorporating a hanging sign to your existing trade show display is a great way to attract attention and be seen from every angle.

Creative lighting will highlight your message, but the real advantage is being able to create a memorable atmosphere. Light box graphics, custom retail displays or simple LED’s spot lights that clamp on to your existing trade show display quickly take the booth from drab to fab.

Add Height

If the venues on your trade show schedule won’t accept a hanging sign or maybe you just can’t afford one, a great alternative is to make your display taller. Taller exhibits will always be noticed first among smaller displays nearby, so consider adding a maximum height tower to your display. Or check out our 10ft tall banner stand!

Upgrade or Add Flooring

Much like your booth, its flooring isn’t just something to walk all over. It can complement the design, emphasize your brand, and so much more. Today’s trade show flooring options offer much more to exhibitors than they did in the past. Change out carpet for synthetic grass or create the look of hardwood with laminate. 

Exhibitors can choose from a variety of flooring options, such as artificial turf, raised wood flooring tiles, carpet tiles, or even an eco-friendly option to give their booth a cohesive look and feel, as if the booth is an extension of their office.


Staying ahead of the industry trends is what makes brands popular and acceptable. By incorporating a few of these tips, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression at your 2020 conventions or trade shows to turn your booth into an eye-catching spectacle, all while staying on budget! Need more ideas? We’re here to help!