Maine Graphic Designer for Trade Show Displays -

You’re not a graphic designer and it’s okay. No one is perfect! That’s why it’s so important to choose a professional designer with experience in the trade show industry.  A well thought out graphic design layout is -THE MOST IMPORTANT- element of any trade show display. Yes, a quality product that fits your specific needs is also important but if your printed graphics on the display fall short then so does your overall booth presence. Your full color graphics full of life and pizzazz are the -FIRST THING- that your potential clients will see from across the exhibition hall. And you’ve got 3 seconds to make your graphics memorable.

Here at our team of experienced graphic designers know how to take your message to the next level with a design that is effective, powerful, understandable, and most importantly reinforces your brand. That’s why having easy to read, simple and straight-forward trade show display graphics is the most important element which will determine if your trade show marketing efforts are a huge success, or whether your trade show marketing efforts are a huge disaster.  

Partner with us today! We have substantial experience with all types of large-format graphics, from smaller portable booths to large, multiple component tradeshow exhibits, to everything else in between.

Why choose for your graphic design needs?

20+ years trade show industry design experience

20+ years color experience

20+ years of large format file preparation

In-house designers works closely beside your Image Consultant

Complete understanding of all display products, templates, requirements and most importantly industry needs

What We're Capable Of...

Let our creative team of graphic designers help create the best booth design layout for your upcoming trade show event needs. But don’t take our word for it, just take a peek and see for yourself how we’ve made others look AMAZING!

Download PDF Download our PDF Look Book for design ideas!

$95 per hour Graphic Design Fee

How To Begin the Process:

  1. Chat online, call 1-800-723-2050 or e-mail [email protected]

  2. You’ll be assigned an Image Consultant to go over ideas and brainstorm

  3. You’ll provide any files for the layout such as logos, text, images

  4. Initial design draft is sent for review

  5. We’ll make any changes/adjustments you’d like to see

  6. Once layout is initially approved, we’ll send you a final E-Proof

  7. Approve your layout(s) and we’ll send it right into production

Special Design Tips & FAQ’s for Trade Shows

Have a quick question? CHAT ONLINE with us now!

With your timely response to our email drafts, the design process is typically completed within 2-5 business days. Production of your artwork after final proof approval and can take 3-7 business days depending on the product ordered.

Here’s a quick list:
1. Digital photos or high resolution stock photography already owned
2. Your logo, preferably a scalable line-art file from Adobe Illustrator in EPS,or AI format.
3. Any text to be included within the design. This can be sent by email or as a Word Document.
4. Let us know company colors, show us your website or any branding materials you want to incorporate into the design. Branding is important so inform us if you have any guidelines that must be followed.
5. General layout, only if you already have a direction in mind. This is not mandatory, it’s okay if you just don’t know where to start because the rest is up to our brilliant team!

That is a great question! Not everyone has access to great photos - most actually don’t. That’s why sites like the 4 below are perfect to use. We’ll research what photos will work best and choose a few that will work best for not only the message you want to convey but also the layout itself. You can browse the sites if you’d like. The cost are minimal per photo credit and are added onto your design time.

Yes, there are 3 points that we can’t stress enough because you only have about 3 seconds to make your one-of-a-kind booth space the talk of the show. Period.

1. Main Marketing: The most important factor is to figure out your main marketing message. If you want your display to stand out from all of the others, it needs to be simple, yet a little "outside of the box". Try to focus on the specific product or service.

2. Clear Message: It needs to have a clear message that is read/viewed quickly and clearly, because remember you only have about 3 seconds to draw that potential customer in. Giving too much information may deter attendees from taking the time to stop at your booth.

3. Large Images: I'm sure you've heard "bigger is better", well this also applies to trade show graphics. Big, bold background images are more attractive and easy for an attendee to glance at without having to put too much effort into figuring out who you are and what you offer. Images are noticed before words, just be careful to choose the right images to portray your message properly.