Tension Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric Displays

These seamless tension fabric graphic displays offer vibrant color graphics to make a huge impression. With custom printing included, choose from our modern pillow-case style, traditional pop-up style or hanging banner style with options ranging from 4ft wide to 30ft wide. The combination of lightweight hardware and vibrant tension fabric graphics are sure to make your business stand out in the crowd. Utilize our in-house graphic design option or submit your own custom artwork. Shop for your next trade show display now!

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About our tension fabric displays for trade shows...

Ready…Set…Show! Our stunning event and display elements are the successful outcome of design and graphic imaging experts. This is the latest in tension fabric technology that allows you to mix and match our elements to create the ideal booth or display. Our mission is to help you achieve functionality, elevated style, lightweight portability and simplified show set-up. We have a complete line of tension fabric back walls, towers, hanging elements, side walls, podiums, etc. Use our standard products or take it to the next level with a custom booth designed just for you.

High Resolution Dye Sublimation has commanded the trade show industry since it arrived about 10 years ago.  At first, the cost was a deterrent to owning a fabric tension display but with its ever present advantages over other display systems the printing industry was forced to rush the process along to make the newly sought after display systems more attainable.

During the sublimation process, special inks are turned directly from a solid into a gaseous state and then transferred with heat and pressed onto a fabric.  Once the ink cools it becomes solid again and embedded into the fabric. The continuous tone, near-photographic quality image actually becomes apart of the material itself, resulting in a flawless and smooth surface.

The dye-sublimation output is more photo-realistic, more durable, and more resistant to fading, without the vulnerability vs. a laminated media. Durable dye sub graphics are made with wrinkle-resistant fabrics and are machine washable.  Today there are various types of high quality fabrics used in the dye sublimation printing application from poly-poplin, satin, outdoor flag cloth, poly-knit, taffeta, sheer, chiffon, poly-silk, dacron, gaming suede, poly-duck, spun-poly, mesh, to even recently even carpet materials.

Advantages of HD dye sublimation graphics are:
Portability - transporting a tension fabric booth is smaller, easier, lighter and may result in shipping cost savings and storage costs.
Washable - fabric backdrops can be washed, dried, ironed, steamed, folded or rolled for storage.
No Glare -  tension fabric displays have a smooth and non-glossy finish which is perfect for indoor applications or high lit areas.

Tension fabric pop up displays pop up in an instant utilizing their rugged aluminum extruded pop up framing which can be set up and ready for your event immediately.  The fabric graphic skin is already securely attached on the pop-up framing system when you receive the display package on your doorstep.  Just unpack the framing system, place in the desired location, then your graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a completely smooth image across the entire display.  

Contact one of our experienced Display Image Consultants today about the ability to backlit your entire tension fabric display stand and give your booth a little extra... WOW!  With the Backlit kits, simply hang the three or four light bars, apply a separate fabric backwall cover and plug it in.  It's really that easy!  The Backlit tension fabric pop up packages are available in either 6ft wide table top, 8ft wide x 8ft full size and 10ft wide x8ft high full size floor standing models.  

Our Wave Tube Displays are lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble with no tools necessary. Wrinkle-free, tension fabric graphics look great the first time, and every time.  This type of display comes with its own sturdy carrying case.  With four shapes to choose from, these displays are -perfect when used alone or in combination to create a truly dynamic trade show display.  The 8ft wide curved, 10ft wide straight, curved, serpentine or vertical curved are all great options to choose from.  20ft wide curved and straight tension fabric models are also perfect for larger show floor spaces.  Call 1-800-723-2050 and ask about volume/fleet discounts today!  

The Timberline Hybrid trade show booth gives you the power to design your display, and let it speak for itself leaving your booth space simply unforgettable. These customizable modular trade show displays can be arranged in numerous linear formations creating a large smooth backwall. Best of all the ‘slide-in’ framing technology integrates upgraded components such as arch top metal fusion headers, acrylic reception desks, product display solutions with shelving and slatwall plus iPad tablet and monitor mounts, giving you the ability to showcase products for different trade shows or special events.

The Klik Display System is the high-end perfect solution for displaying products in trade show or exhibiting environments.  The lightweight interior aluminum tubular frames and high-quality custom printed full color dye sublimated tension fabric graphics are incredibly easy to set up and travel with!  Now with its unique magnetic mounting bars, you can add a variety of removable graphics in which you can update at any time, best of all, there are no holes anywhere in your fabric!  The grid system allows you to switch layouts whenever you feel like it.  The powerful magnets are the core of the KlikTM displaying system. Best of all, there are no holes anywhere in your fabric with this patented magnetics.   

The heart of 3D marketing is our Geometic style pop up displays.  Featuring USA printed graphic skins make tension fabric displays a wildly popular trade show display choice for 1,000’s of exhibitors.  As one of our best sellers, the combination of pop-up frame and tension fabric graphics provide an easily replaceable base to swap to update graphics and images simply by hooking and “snapping” the graphics into place.  The Geometric display kit ships with the fabric graphic skins already attached to the framing system allowing you to simply pull up, snap and lock the frame into position then you’re done.   Best of all, all units pack down into easy to travel with carrying cases or shipping cases.

Be smart and demand 360 degree of attention that your brand deserves with any one of our hanging banner displays.  If you are attending a massive show this year then you’ll want to pay close attention to figuring out how you can be seen from a long distance away.  Lucky for you, we have multiple styles of fabric hanging structures to choose from.  You’ll gain the attention from across the show floor with a hanging sign suspended above your trade show display.

Ensure that your company name or message is visible from every direction on the show floor. Incorporating lightweight fabric structures in the hot points of your booth space is so important to ensure you are grabbing as many visitors as you can.  Hotpoint booth spaces are the targeted high traffic area of your booth space where you know the visitors will not have a choice but to glance, read and become interested in your brand and want to learn more.  The Wavetube tower displays are similar in size to a banner stand except that they come standard with both sides printed.  The Wavetube also comes in angle, straight and curved styles and offer the addition of shelving for brochure or interactive small product displaying.

Improving your sales promoting and even the flow of your exhibit booth space has never been easier with one of the many trade show kiosks, counters & podiums.  Best of all, there are no tools required for assembly or disassembly on any of the models carried here at AffordableDisplays.com plus all models are compact for allowing for greater portability.  

In addition, we also offer custom built trade show displays with custom sized back walls, towers, hanging elements, and side walls all utilizing the tension fabric and dye sublimation technology. Formz Displays are fully customizable and built to your vision and booth space specifications.  Inquire about a custom quote today or call 1-800-723-2050, email sales@affordabledisplays.com or browse online 24/7 today!

Should you be searching for affordable and superior quality fabric tension tabletop displays, the Affordable Exhibit Displays website, affordabledisplays.com, is a useful online tool which offers a large selection of including stretch fabric pop up displays, pillowcase style fabric displays, 3D geometric pop up displays and portable backlit table top displays as well as in-house digital printing and graphic design services.

Contact AffordableDisplays.com to have one of our Display Image Consultants help you choose the right tension fabric table top display for you. Call 800-723.2050, start an online chat or contact us today and get started on your project!