High Quality Trade Show Displays Customized to Your Brand

Waveline Media M-Series Displays

The future of large, affordable marketing displays is here. The new WaveLine Media® Display Collection is built with a simple and lightweight, yet strong, aluminum frame. The most recent 8-color digital process dye sublimation printing technique is used to print the durable wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric graphic print. When fully assembled,...

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About our Waveline Media M-Series tension fabric displays…

Our 10ft & 20ft Waveline Media M-Series full size tension fabric displays feature seamless, vibrantly printed dye sublimation graphics that are quick and simple to set up with a bonus of being compact and travel-friendly.

Offering tension fabric display technology, which enables you to combine and match components to create your ideal booth display creating a contemporary trend at trade shows. Our goal is to make it easier for you to set up shows while achieving functionality, heightened style, lightweight portability, and simple setup. The Waveline brand lightweight aluminum tube tension fabric displays include tension fabric that has been custom printed with your message. 

These tension fabric displays provide unmatched flexibility, portability and sustainability, which are all qualities taken into account when calculating the costs associated with travel, storage, and shipping. The worry-free sturdy aluminum frame construction and tension fabric graphic provide an visually appealing backdrop for your next event.

The portability of high-resolution dye sublimation graphics used with fabric tension displays is one of their many benefits. Our cloth booth is simpler to move, lighter in weight, and can significantly save shipping expenses. The fabric graphic is substantially more durable than conventional displays since it can be machine washed and can be steamed to improve the fabric's ability to resist wrinkles. For high intensity illumination, the included fabric graphic provides a non-glare view that is more ideal.