Connecting Banner Stands

Finally, connecting banner stands with the exhibitor in mind! Our banner stands offer vibrant full color artwork which creates a virtually seamless banner backwall perfect for your next trade show, sales meeting, new product showcase or marketing event. Connecting banner stands for trade shows offer a versatile and eye-catching solution to maximize the impact of your booth. These stands are designed to be seamlessly interconnected, allowing you to create a larger, cohesive display that captures the attention of trade show attendees. With connecting banner stands, you have the flexibility to adjust the configuration according to your space and design requirements. Whether you want to create a straight backdrop, a curved structure, or an L...

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Connecting Banner Stands
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About our connecting banner stands…

The search for your next trade show display is over! Our connecting banner stands put you in charge and enable you to become a more efficient tradeshow exhibitor. Let us introduce our most versatile banner stands available today. End your trade show misery and allow yourself to relax the next time you think about setting up your trade show banner. These lightweight connecting banner stands allow your brand and business to be the one that stands out - the trade show display that everyone comments on. Finally, you'll discover how mobile a banner stand system can truly be.

Units available from 6ft wide to 20ft wide, you have the ability to connect up to 9 units together. With a virtually seamless look to your graphics, you'll b amazed at the quality of the durable aluminum hardware that's also lightweight for travel. Maximize on the flexibility of the  connecting units by incorporating a projection area within your design for the ultimate trade show experience. Take advantage of our in-house graphic design option or submit your own custom artwork. Shop for your next trade show backdrop now!

You'll be amazed when you see our branded Banner-Mate II photo backwall in person. Consisting of pole stand hardware, you decide how many units to connect together so the display works for you. Unlike ordinary banner display systems, the standard 35" Banner-Mate II units link together with our patented Flexi-Mag mating magnetic for a tight connection between banners making them look virtually seamless. You have the freedom to design your graphics anyway you'd like whether you're connecting multiple units together to create a large graphic backdrop or feel free to design each custom banner so you can use them individually. This feature allows you the option of using only a single unit and banner for your smaller applications.

The beauty of the Banner-Mate II and also a tremendous advantage is the clean edge to edge look. When you stand back from trade show booth, you'll first notice how grand your photo backdrop looks, then you'll realize you don't see any seams! There's also no visible bases or feet exposed to take the focus away from your beautiful graphics. Your booth space will also be left with ample walking space too since the footprint is only 14.5" deep - it's a perfect choice when space is limited. That's why it's considered to be one of the greatest marketing tools for any trade show, conference, photo backdrop or corporate meeting. Read many more benefits to why you should purchase the Banner-Mate II today!

Don't dread going to trade show any longer, take along either the Banner-Mate II connecting banner stand. Shop for many offers and packages to put your best foot forward.  Call 800-723.2050 and get started on your project today!