Table Top Pop Up Display

Table top pop up displays to suit any need from 4ft wide to 8ft wide with your choice of vibrant graphic panels or velcro-ready fabric panels. Your pop up display includes wheeled shipping case & "No Questions Asked" lifetime warranty.

Table Top Pop Up Display
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About our table top pop up display…

Shop and you’ll quickly see you've come to the right place for all your trade show needs. Your search for a quality pop up display has ended with our exclusive Coyote table top pop up display. This table top display series is manufactured with the end user in mind offering three popular sizes including 4ft wide, 6ft wide and 8ft wide.

Our 1x1 4ft wide MINI pop up display is the perfect choice for small business presentations or when space is somewhat limited. At a height of 2.5ft tall, choose your pop up display with all fabric panels, a fabric/graphic combo or full graphics to really highlight your products or branding. The 2x1 6ft wide model we consider our intermediate style that is perfect for any standard 6ft folding table while still allowing you to showcase brochures or giveaways. This 6ft wide pop-up model is 2.5ft tall and also available with all fabric panelsfabric/graphic combo, even complete full graphics.

But by far our most popular size is the 2x2 6ft model which exactly fits on any standard 6ft wide exhibit table. As for being the most popular package, this 6ft wide model is 5ft tall and sold with the complete full graphics. As for the largest size available this is the 3x2 8ft wide model which also fits perfectly on an 8ft wide standard folding table. If you may not be interested in the full color graphics packages, we also have packages available with Premier brand Eco-fabric® Velcro® receptive fabric, or maybe a Velcro® receptive fabric/Graphic combo might interest you. For an even greater presence, the 6ft and 8ft wide pop up display models are 5ft tall making this table top pop up display the same stature as a full height trade show exhibit display.  

You may have noticed the characteristic curve to the pop up display when the fabric or graphic panels are set up on the frame. This streamlined feature makes for a more appealing look. Each pop up display unit includes a wheeled shipping case to store/ship the aluminum frame, magnetic channel bars, front center panels, rounding end cap panels and any optional items added to your order. Due to the compact nature of the pop up displays, you'll be surprised to know they are quite lightweight, only approx. 16 to 45 lbs. 

You will not find this type of quality pop up display anywhere else. We feel confident the Coyote pop up display has the most durable pop-up frame available on the market today. Offering you a Lifetime "No Questions Asked" Warranty on the frame components will give you the confidence knowing you're marketing dollars are being spent right.

A pop up display a great investment allowing you to distinguish yourself from the competition. Call 800-723.2050, chat or contact us and get started on your project today!