Life Size Cutouts

Promote your business or brand and bring attention to your trade show booth with our full color LIFE SIZE CUTOUTS. Precision cut and mounted to corrugated plastic, our custom photo stand-ups are perfect for corporate functions, special occasions, parties, events, schools.

Life Size Cutouts
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About our custom life size cut out & photo standees…

Bring any product, image, photo, person, marketing or promotional campaign come to life with our Life Size custom cut outs and lifesize photo standees.  It’s life size reality!

Customized contour cut life size cutouts are made from any image, photo, product, person, group photo that you submit.  We make all of our lifesize stand up out of a base material called corrugated plastic and use a wide format printer which creates the vivid life-like photos using high-resolution, 6 color printing process.  Our material choice of corrugated plastic is standard for the production of our lifesize cutouts due to its rigid properties, it holds up 10x better than any corrugated cardboard material and will last through many, many uses.

We offer 3-5 business day production times on all custom cutouts, our shipping options are through FedEx and you can expedite your order if you have an event deadline you are preparing for.  We package and ship every custom corrugated plastic cut out order at our Maine facility.  Each and every custom cutout comes equipped with a velcro removable easel back allowing your custom cut out stand up all on its own.

Custom lifesize cut outs make great conversational pieces at both corporate and promotional events or even birthday and anniversary parties.  We create cut outs from 18”x24” all the way to 48”x96” in size. To get a longer life out of your lifesize cut out simply add a top lamination option to your lifesize standee.  The printed side will be protected from damage, dings and scratches with the addition of the top lamination.

When submitting your photo or image to, we will review the image uploaded to ensure there will be a high quality imagery outcome.  If our Graphics Dept. has any concerns about how your photo or image will reproduce at the size you’ve requested we’ll be sure to contact you prior to production.  We offer FREE color-correction and minor touch ups of your photo or image, if necessary.  Of course, all orders go through an online E-Proofing approval process as well to ensure your lifesize cut out will look the way you’ve intended. has been creating life size cut outs since 1994.  You can be assured our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and will help assist you place your order and answer any questions about our order process that you may have.  Upload your image today and call 1-800-723-2050, contact us, email [email protected] or browse online 24/7 today!