Pop Up Displays

A tension fabric pop up display allows for your custom printed graphic to be Velcro attached to the frame at all times allowing for single person set-up, along with easy graphic changes. Offering the highest quality dye sublimation imprinting provides many years of use and numerous benefits that make it a popular choice for trade shows, exhibitions, and other marketing events.

Firstly, the lightweight and portable nature of these displays make them incredibly convenient to transport and set up. The fabric graphic is attached to a collapsible frame that can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for any additional tools. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces shipping and labor costs. The fabric itself is wrin...

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Pop Up Displays

About our tension fabric pop up displays…

Tension fabric pop up displays instantly make your company or brand the star of the show. Upon delivery, your custom printed fabric graphic is securely attached to the rugged aluminum pop up frame making your pop up display available for use right away. You'll be amazed when you place your display on the floor and extend the frame that your graphic will pull taut at full extension to remove any wrinkles. The "J" hooks securely lock your pop up frame so there is no doubt of the stability of the unit once set up. Choose from a straight frame or curved frames in both the 8ft wide and 10ft wide pop up display models. As an added bonus, set-up multiple units together to form one large trade show booth backwall and really get your company noticed. And all our tension fabric displays are available for purchase with or without end cap side panels to finish off the sides of your pop up display frame.

We pride ourselves in the quality brands chosen for our clients. One of those great tension fabric pop up display brands is the 2x3 Star tension fabric 5ft wide display, the 3x3 Star tension fabric 8ft wide curved and straight displays, the 4x3 Star tension fabric 10ft wide curved and 10ft wide straight displays plus the 8x3 Star tension fabric pop up 20ft display which has 3 different packages to choose from: the 20ft straight tension fabric kits 1 and kit 2 plus the 20ft combination straight tension fabric kit 3 and the 20ft combination curved and straight tension fabric kit 4.  

Another great pop up brand we offer is a premium line of VBurst tension fabric pop up displays. This line carries a Lifetime hardware warranty and offers brilliant 8 color dye sublimation printing on its graphic skins.  Our most popular kits are the 8ft wide curved and 10ft wide curved VBurst models. The V-Burst pop up display is also available in a 10ft wide straight or flat model and the 8ft wide straight model.

We've also added Backlit pop up display kits incorporating illuminating light bars hung on the back of your pop up frame to really make your fabric graphic glow. These Backlit tension fabric pop up display packages are available in all sizes: 6ft wide table top, 8ft wide full size and 10ft wide full size floor standing models.  

Utilize your wheeled shipping case during the show by adding an case-to-counter conversion kit to any one of our pop up display models. This will give you precious writing space or could be used as a meeting area to gather attendee contact information for later use. Place in the center of the trade show floor area or at the front as a point of contact to lure attendees to enter your booth space.  

The attention to detail doesn't stop when it comes to the quality of the high-tech dye sublimation fabric skin and strong aluminum pop up frame. Our pop up aluminum frames is manufactured with an engineered with 2" Loop Velcro webbing permanently attached to the framing system. The full color brilliantly dye sublimation printed fabric graphic has 2" hook velcro sewn around the perimeter to allow for easy attachment onto the framing system. And there's no need to worry about uneven trade show floor spaces anymore - the bottom of the frame includes leveling feet to allow for proper positioning. 

Exhibitor Tip: Combining different size pop up displays has never been easier. Set up each different size unit side-by-side to create the conference display booth floor plan that suits any of the trade shows you're to attending. Plus, you can use each unit independent of each other to utilize in a smaller size 6ft, 8ft or 10ft booth space. Call 800-723-2050 and get started on your project today!