Table Top Banner Stands

Table top banner stands offer several benefits for trade shows. Firstly, their compact and portable design makes them extremely convenient for exhibitors. These stands are lightweight and easy to assemble, making transportation hassle-free. They can fit on top of a standard table, saving valuable floor space in crowded exhibition halls. Their smaller size also makes them ideal for smaller booth spaces or events where a full-size banner stand may be impractical.

Despite their compactness, table top banner stands still provide a significant visual impact, helping businesses effectively showcase their brand and attract attention. As a cost-effective marketing tool, they are often more affordable compared to larger banner stands or custom-bu...

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Table Top Banner Stands
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About our table top banner stands…

What's most important to you when selecting a table top banner stand? Portability and set-up time of course! The ability to set up your table top banner stand in under 30 seconds is what makes our table top banner stands perfect for product presentations or quick marketing meetings. Your eye catching custom banner will be the talk of the trade show. And with each unit including carry bag you'll impress other exhibitors when you walk in with your lightweight, travel friendly banner stand.

Of our many models available, the Superscreeen table top banner stands are definitely one of our most popular due to the two sizes available. Both sizes, 48” wide and our largest size 60” width, both have an impressive 55" tall banner height. Even at it's table top stature, your custom banner graphics will create a buzz showing off your branding like no other.

By far our most favored table top banner stand model is our 44” wide EZPull-up with a banner height is 55". The main feature that attracts most exhibitors is the low profile and shallow depth of the base allowing the focus to be on only your banner graphics, while still providing plenty of space to spread out your business cards, handouts, give-aways or a raffle entry area.

Maybe you're in the market for an even smaller trade show display. Take a peek at our new Minikin or Mercury retracting banner stands. The unique soft matte finished base and compact banner size at just 36” tall, may be just what you're looking for. Another smaller option is our airline friendly carry-on compliant Mini31 table top retracting banner stand. This horizontal retracting banner stand provides a user friendly compact size, full color custom banner and carrying bag, all while meeting the maximum carry-on size restriction of 45” size.  

Add our a table top banner stand to your existing trade show display making it an easy way to feature a new product, offer a trade show special or just highlight your trade show giveaway. The best part about these table top displays is they are definitely a high quality, budget friendly solution for any exhibitor interested in marketing their services, brands or products.  

Shop with confidence knowing when you purchase at you'll also get our experienced in-house printing staff and seasoned customer service personnel completing your order the right way, every time. Call us today at 1-800-723-2050 to educate yourself about table top banner stands before you buy.