Tension Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric Displays

These seamless tension fabric graphic table top displays offer vibrant color graphics to make a huge impression. With custom printing included, choose from our modern pillow-case style or traditional pop up display style. The combination of lightweight hardware and vibrant tension fabric graphics are sure to make your business stand out in the crowd. Utilize our in-house graphic design option or submit your own custom artwork. Shop for your next trade show display now!

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About our table top tension fabric displays…

Our table top tension fabric displays feature vibrantly seamless dye sublimation graphics that are quick and simple to set up with a bonus of being compact and travel-friendly.

A trade show trend is tension fabric technology that allows you to mix and match many elements to create the ideal booth or table top display. Our mission is to help you achieve functionality, elevated style, lightweight portability and simplified show set-up.  Our tension fabric table top displays are made from lightweight aluminum tubing and covered with dye sub printed tension fabric.  The aluminum frame structure combined with the tension fabric graphic are extremely popular because of durability, flexibility, portability, sustainability, and of course, lightweight, a valuable trait when considering travel, storage and shipping costs.

There are 3 main advantages of the high-resolution dye sublimation graphics included with fabric tension table top displays are portability. Transporting a fabric table top booth is easier, lighter in weight and can result in huge cost savings on shipping costs.  The fabric graphic is washable and able to be steamed to enhance the wrinkle-free properties of the fabric material making it much more durable than traditional displays.  A fabric graphic offers a non-glare view which is more suitable for high intensity lighting.

The wave of the future trade show display purchasing is the many different models available.  The first tension fabric display was the pop-up display style utilizing the standard pop-up framing with velcro webbing that secures a seamless one-piece graphic.  You can choose table top size models such as 5ft wide to include the side end caps or to have no side end caps or 8ft wide which also offers side wrapping end caps or and 8ft model without side end caps.  The VBurst 5ft table top model offers a high end look with enhanced illuminating backlit lighting to really expose your brand to the world.  The WaveTube 6ft or 8ft  table top tension fabric display option consists of a tubular aluminum framing with a dye sublimation one-piece fabric graphic that pillowcases over the framing creating a taut structure.  

The 3D Snap, SalesMate and Xpressions with built in lightboxes still offer a pop-up display frame structure but the benefit of individual fabric graphics allowing you to remove and update just one graphic or all graphics.  This is the ultimate in graphic changing versatility.  We specialize in tension fabric displays so they are lightweight and easy to set up. Let us help make your next trade event a great success! 

AffordableDisplays.com offers many already put together trade show display packages for you to choose from.  Call 800-723.2050, chat or contact us and get started on your project today!