Connecting Banner Stands

Connecting Banner Stands

Finally, banner backdrops with the exhibitor in mind! Our connecting banner stands put you in charge and enable you to become a more efficient tradeshow exhibitor. Our Banner-Mate II and ISOframe Ripple connecting banner systems offer vibrant full color artwork creates a banner backwall perfect for your next trade show, sales meeting, new product showcase or marketing event. Units available from 6ft wide to 20ft wide, up to 9 units connected together. With virtually seamless graphics, durable aluminum hardware and lightweight for travel, falling in love with these connecting banner backwalls is easy. Utilize the flexability of the units by incorporating a projection area within your design for the ultimate trade show experience. Take advantage of our in-house graphic design option or submit your own custom artwork. Shop for your next trade show backdrop now!

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About our connecting banner stands…

The beauty of a connecting banner stand is its versatility to fit into any trade show booth space.  The Banner-Mate and the Ripple can morph into the size you need it when you need it.

If you have been actively doing display research you already know that there are many varieties of displays to choose from.  We would like to end your tradeshow display challenge by making sure you are aiming for the new fresh approach, the connected banner stands.  Picture yourself -- the one that stands out, the company that everyone comments on!  Finally, you'll discover how mobile a banner stand system can truly be.  

The Banner-Mate mural backwall that is virtually seamless straight line with its connecting banners.  Unlike ordinary display systems, the standard 35" Banner-Mate units can be linked together using the Flexi-Mag mating magnetic that will tightly hook the 2 or more units together.  Design your graphics so that each individual unit may be used independently as well as connected, making the Banner-Mate II even more of a great marketing resource.  This allows you the option of using only one unit and banner for the smaller applications.

The Original, Bow Angle or Straight style Banner-Mate units offer another tremendous advantage is the clean edge to edge look.  With no visible bases or feet exposed, only your top to floor graphics with be focused on.  Keep your booth space functional with the 14.5" deep footprint leaving more space for you to move around - a perfect choice where space is limited as well.  An all around great choice is the Banner-Mate II banner stand system!

Another connecting banner stand system is the Ripple by Mark Bric.  Affordable Exhibit Displays is able to not only align in a straight line like the Banner-Mate but the Ripple take it one step further and also curved with its connecting banners.  Available connecting units are a 2-panel, 3-panel, 5-panel, 7-panel option.  Meanwhile others are lugging around large crates and struggling to lift them in and out of their vehicle you are traveling light.  Each stand and banner packs small within a convenient carry box weighing only 10 lbs.  

Feel the ease for your next show, take along only as many of the Banner-Mate or Ripple connecting banner stand and banners as you need -- throw them over your shoulder and put them in the front seat of your car all with ease. offers many already put together trade show display packages for you to choose from.  Call 800-723.2050 and get started on your project today!