Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays

Our premium USA Made 1UP Table Top Pop Up Displays are exclusively manufactured exclusively by Affordable Exhibit Displays at our Maine facility with the highest quality materials. Feel confident knowing you’ll receive strength & reliability for a long term life of trouble free exhibiting. Table Top sizes available from 4ft wide to 8ft wide with complete packages including Velcro-Ready Fabric Panels or Custom Printed Graphic Panels, Travel Case & Lifetime "No Questions Asked" Warranty. Customize your table top display with an optional Logo Sign, Podium Kit or LED Lighting. Shop for your next trade show display now!

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About our table top pop up displays…

Shop AffordableDisplays.com and you’ll quickly see you've come to the right place for all your trade show needs. Your search for a quality pop up display has ended with our exclusive 1UP® pop up display. This table top display series is manufactured right here at our Maine facility and has been since 1999. We are able to offer four popular sizes including 4ft wide, 5ft wide, 6ft wide and 8ft wide.

Our 4ft wide MINI pop up display is the perfect choice for small business presentations or when space is somewhat limited. At a height of 3ft tall, Choose your display with all fabric panels, a fabric/graphic combo or full graphics to really showcase off your products or branding. The 5ft wide model we consider our intermediate style that is perfect for a 6ft table while allowing you to showcase brochures or giveaways. The 5ft wide pop-up model is also available with all fabric panelsfabric/graphic combo and even complete full graphics.

The most popular size is the 6ft width which fits perfectly on a 6ft wide tradeshow table.  The most popular 6ft wide model sold is with the complete full graphics. The largest size available is the 8ft wide model which also fits perfectly on an 8ft wide trade show table.  Also available in Premier brand Eco-fabric® Velcro® receptive fabric, or a Velcro® receptive fabric/Graphic combo or the full color complete set of graphic panels.  Both the 6ft and 8ft wide models are 60” tall making this table top pop-up display stand at the same height as a floor display when placed on a folding table.  

These pop-up table top displays have the characteristic curve to the panels when set up on the table offering a streamlined look and feel.  Each unit comes complete with a case to hold the aluminum framing, magnetic channel bars, front center panels, rounding end cap panels and lighting if added to your unit.  The compact style of these classic style trade show displays allows each unit to be lightweight between 16 and 45 lbs.  

The 1UP pop up is 100% USA MADE manufactured by Affordable Exhibit Displays ONLY. Since we have been manufacturing for this particular style display since 1999.  The 1UP pop up display offers the most durable pop-up frame available. It’s the #1 pop up display!  We aim for a trouble free life for your display that’s why we offer a Lifetime "No Questions Asked" Warranty on the 1UP frame components.  With a <1% repair rate you can be sure the 1UP will prove itself show after show. Set up and break down is simplified with the self-aligning graphic panels.  The mating magnetic will do all the work and just ‘snap’ together.  

A pop up display is a classic style with graphic panels providing that visual impact you are looking for. Make a clean and clear presentation with a high impact Graphic Panel on your tabletop 1Up pop up display. AffordableDisplays.com offers many already put together trade show display packages for you to choose from.  Call 800-723.2050, chat or contact us and get started on your project today!