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KLIK Magnetic Tension Fabric Displays by Affordable Exhibit Displays

Ultimate in flexibility and visual impact.

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Our Klik™ magnetic grid tension fabric display is a tubular display system utilizing a built-in magnetic grid system allowing you to display a variety of removable graphics, peg boards, shelving and even an iPad holder. It's unique magnetic mounting bars allows you to switch layouts simply by “klik-ing” them into place. These powerful magnets are the core of the Klik™ displaying system allowing each accessory piece to be automatically aligned perfectly every time. Each magnetic vertical bar is spaced at 23" wide allowing you to place a certain amount of magnetic graphics or shelving options within a set of bars. Best of all, there are no holes anywhere in your fabric - ever! You can choose from 3 backwall shapes that best fits your brand - the slider shape, center arch shape or the flat backwall shape. Combine two 10ft shapes together to form a unique, custom looking 20ft graphic backwall.

The Klik™ tension fabric display grid system is the perfect solution for displaying products in a trade show or exhibiting environments. The lightweight interior aluminum tubular frames and high quality custom printed full color dye sublimated tension fabric graphics are incredibly easy to set up and travel with! CHECK OUT the videos below to see for yourself how this unit is unlike any other fabric tension system available today. Make the Klik™ magnetic tension fabric display a part of your trade show booth layout today.

Benefits and features of our complete trade show display kits.

KLIK Magnetic Tension Fabric Display System10ft KLIK Magnetic Display System Kit 520ft KLIK

Vibrant Graphics With a Custom Approach

Enhance your 10ft or 20ft trade show booth with our fully customizable KLIK™ fabric graphic backwall. Here's the what is at the core of the Klik™ Display System: each magnetic vertical bar is spaced at 23" wide allowing you to place a certain amount of magnetic graphics or shelving options within a set of bars. Now you can add a variety of removable graphics in which you can update at anytime, and best of all, there are no holes anywhere in your fabric! The magnetic grid system allows you to be in charge and able to switch layouts whenever you'd like.

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KLIK tension fabric displays

Now Available! Add on to your 10ft KLIK backwall with MATING MAGNETIC sidewalls, accent pieces and other 10ft KLIK backwalls to create a larger booth. Check out this great 20 FT booth example below of how you can combine different KLIK fabric tension backwall elements to form a larger sized booth space. Ask for your custom quote today!

Choose your wall, Choose your options

Be different one time or every time 

A tremendous advantage of the KLIK™ is the ability to offer not only different shaped backwalls, but also giving the consumer an unlimited amount of options. Need a shelf for products at one show but not another? No problem! Need to update your graphics from show to show? Also, no problem! The opportunities to change up the look of your tension fabric backwall are in your hands. 

Klik magnetic grid display

KLIK™ Magnetic Tension Fabric Displays

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KLIK magnetic grid display system

Powerful magnets are at the core of Klik™ and when you see this display in action you'll think it's magic!

The Klik™ Magnetic Grid System gives you the ability to reconfigure your layout as often as you'd like. Need another shelf or graphic? No problem! Just switch things around and "klik" any option in place – it's really that easy!


KLIK - Endless Possabilities

Designed with you in mind

Stand out and be noticed

With each unique options available to attach to your KLIK™ display with magnetic, rest assured you can drive home impact for your brand. With shelving for products/brochures, interactive iPad shelving, high quality printed graphics and two styles of peg board, there's no limit to how you can showcase your company or brand.

KLIK shelving

Great for the traveling exhibitor 

Feel confident your display will arrive protected 

Insuring your exhibit display will arrive on time and protected is a worry of even the most seasoned exhibitors. Rest assured the shipping cases available for your KLIK™ display will do their job every time. With proper packaging of your unit, all you will need to focus on is setting up your display and preparing for your trade show.

KLIK banner stand

Be the one to stand out in the crowd.


Complete Klik double sided standee kit includes 3’ straight aluminum tubular frame, Full color dye sublimation pillowcase zippered graphic, Custom Printed Peg Board, Klik Acrylic iPad Shelf , Klik Medium Cintra Graphic, Klik Small Cintra Graphic and Flat roto-molded shipping case. Set-up size: 36" wide x 72" high.
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