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Illuminate the trade show floor!

Vector Frame™ light boxes are considered to be one of the easiest backlit trade show displays available on the market. Featuring a durable 4” (100mm) aluminum extrusion frame, one large seamless push-fit backlit fabric graphic and LED edge lighting. LED lights come adhered to the aluminum frame, making set-up as simple as assembling the frame, applying the push-fit graphics and plugging in the electrical cord! Vector Frame Light Boxes are ideal for use in retail, marketing events, conferences and trade show environments as the perfect solution for illuminating your message. Double sided graphics are also available to insure you grab attendees attention from all angles of the trade show floor.

Available in a variety of popular sizes perfect for tradeshows including 6ft wide, 8ft wide, 10ft wide, all the way up to 30ft wide. In addition, the height of the light box on most kits is a standard 8ft tall, with your entire graphic showing edge to edge. Your push-fit or SEG graphics deliver a clean, seamless look every time. The slim feet along the base of the Vector Frame™ provide a strong, stable base for even the widest 30ft model. Single sided kits are available and include a white block out fabric backer. For the double sided option, the fabric backer is replaced by an additional custom fabric graphic doubling your message.

Your tension fabric graphics are printed using a high definition dye sublimation printing process. Application and removal of graphics is easy - first push the SEG bead into each corner of the frame with your thumb and then push the bead into the middle of the run and work your way around the perimeter until all beading is pushed in properly. Washing hands or using gloves is a good idea to avoid getting marks on the graphic. Removal is as simple as pulling the tab located on the graphic and gently pull it from the frame and fold up for storage.

All Vector Frame™ light box fabric displays include a wheeled molded case(s) for easy transport. And the Vector Frame™ hardware includes LED edge lighting pre-attached and stabilizer feet for greater security during your trade shows.

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Vector Frame Light Box Push-Fit Tension Fabric Displays
Benefits and features of our complete trade show display kits.

Vector Frame LED light boxes

Pre-attached LED lighting!

Guaranteed to get you noticed

Light up your brand with our Vector Frame™ backlit light boxes! The convenience of the pre-attached LED edge lighting within the aluminum frame gives you the ability to illuminate your message easier than most backlit displays on the market today. By eliminating the tedious attachment of the LED strips to the frame like most other models, this makes for a faster and much easier set-up. Along with the blockout fabric backer, the LED light strips insure your graphic will get the glowing light box effect without any unwanted shadowing. Just plug in and you're ready to show off!

Vector Frame push fit backlit light box with Stabilizer Feet

Straight Frame with Stabilizer Feet!

Set-up quickly with minimal effort

Constructed with a heavy duty 4" (100mm) aluminum frame, the no tool assembly is simply a breeze - after assembling the frame, attach the white fabric backer, then your printed fabric graphic, plug in and that's it! For added security, the swivel out stabilizer feet positioned at the bottom of the frame provide the necessary support to anchor your display and provide a stable base.

Easy push fit graphic into channel

Easy push-fit graphic into channel!

Silicone edge beading for a clean, seamless look

Your vibrant, push-fit SEG fabric graphics create an edge to edge result when attached to the extruded aluminum frame. The perimeter channel within the frame allows the silicone beading to easily push in for quick assembly also allowing for quick graphic changing or updating your message at any time. In general terms, the Vector Frame™ push-fit light box display is perfect for all exhibitors!

Portable transportation with included OCH wheeled shipping case

The ultimate in portable transportation!

Roll into your next trade show with ease

The convenience of the included OCH wheeled molded shipping case provides the necessary protection to and from your trade shows. Trust us, we know the last thing you want to is to worry about your Vector Frame™ arriving to your show damaged. The heavy duty construction is perfect for shipping across the country or simply traveling in the back of a car. When packed properly, rest assured you'll open this case and be ready for set-up every time.

Simple assembly - Vector Frame light boxes

Vector Frame light boxes - simple set-up

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Rectangle Vector Frame Light Box

To further educate you, the first thing you should know about the Vector Frame™ light boxes backwall display are the sizes available. Starting out there are two different heights: 71" high and 94.74" high. The smallest 3ft wide and 4ft wide models are a perfect add-on to any existing trade show booth or great as a stand alone, and are available in both heights. The most popular 10ft wide model is perfect for a standard 10x10 trade show booth and available at the 94.74" height. Generally speaking, any of these three sizes work within any traditional size booth space whether used alone or incorporated within your current exhibit booth.

Square Vector Frame Light Boxes

The Square shape of Vector Frame™ is offered in 6x6 and 8x8 models to easily create an straight exhibit booth that is pleasing to the eye. Accompanied by your large, vibrant graphics, these are unlike any traditional trade show display you've seen before. And with their LED backlit graphics, the emphasis will be on your brand message.

20ft 30ft Vector Frame Light Boxes

Arrive large, and in charge with either the 20ft wide or 30ft wide Vector Frame™ inline display. The clean straight surface of these inline displays will be hard to miss. Perfect to illuminate your message and show off your high resolution photos, brand message or as a simple backdrop for any photo opportunity. These models are 94.74" high.

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Embrace double sided

Double sided printing

View your message from the front and back

Allow your message to further stand out with optional double sided printing. Whether coming or going, you'll be able to entice attendees from both sides offering another way for them to further educate themselves about your brand. Ask about adding double sided printing to your order today!

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Complete your Vector Frame™ Light Box backwall purchase today

The perfect combination of illumination and technology, the Vector Frame™ Light Box tension fabric displays are unlike anything on the market today. From the vibrant backlit fabric graphics to the quality extruded aluminum hardware, you'll finally have the booth that stands out at your next trade show, promotional meeting, or corporate conference. Speak with one of our knowledgeable Image Consultants today or email us to discuss more.

*Graphic Storage Tips: For storage of SEG graphics it is best to fold them with the graphic facing inward and store in a sealed plastic bag. Spot clean graphics by wiping with a damp white cloth. If washing becomes necessary, use a commercial size washing machine, gentle cycle with cool water and line dry flat. Dry cleaning is not recommended to prevent shrinkage.