Answering Service for Directors

Client Name: Answering Service for Directors

Size: 20ft x 30ft Booth Space

Item: F2 Custom Build Display

The F2 custom build fabric tension display series is one capable of literally anything. With the included hanging structure your booth space will be easy to find from across the exhibiting hall. This custom built display required a layout to encourage attendee engagement, free space to walk about the booth space along with multiple monitor use, podium stations for speaking with attendees, removable shelving for product display, a free standing kiosk space to hang a huge 75” monitor along with an closet incorporating a door access for storage during the 3 day show. FYI: ASD’s custom booth won Best of Show at it’s first show unveiling this October 2015. Like mentioned, you ask for it and we can make it happen with this style booth.

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