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Revoluationary modular trade show displays by Affordable Exhibit Displays

Value driven portable modular trade show display kits
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The Next Generation of Exhibit Systems has arrived.

Picture your ideal trade show booth: stunningeasy to assemblesimple to ship and adaptable. Now, take that a step further and make it cost effective, too. Behold the ISOFrame. From single banner stands to trade show booths you have to see to believe, Affordable Exhibit Displays has the ISOframe exhibit display for you.  

“Wow!” That’s the response we most often hear when people see an ISOframe trade show exhibit in person for the first time. With seamless graphics, engineered aluminum framework and incredibly flexible designs, falling in love with ISOframe is easy.  Our complimentary 3D rendering process makes creating a powerful expo display simple. We offer a one-stop exhibit service and in-house support every step of the way.  Boost your display’s appeal by adding literature holders, flatscreen TVs, shelves, tables, rooms, doors and more. Our full line of accessories gives you the freedom to build The perfect ISOframe display that reflects your specific business needs. With all the choices, there’s almost nothing an ISOframe exhibit can’t handle. Shop today and purchase your next trade show display!

Your trade show exhibits just got a whole lot better.

ISOframe Modular trade show displays are quickly becoming the exhibit booth of the future. These trade show displays feature unlimited options that can easily adapt to your changing exhibiting needs. Offering a modern style and maximum portability, our modular exhibits provide the look, feel and features of a custom display that fits virtually any budget and exhibiting need. Take advantage of our in-house graphic design services or submit your own ready to print artwork. Browse below to find your next trade show display!

The image of your brand is our constant inspiration from beginning to end. Our ultimate goal is to meet all deadlines and create a strong partnership making your booth space shine brightly at your next trade show.  Subscribe to "Exhibiting Made Simple" and you'll receiving easy to use trade show tips, industry updates, email only specials and new product information.

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Benefits and features of our ISOframe modular trade show display kits.

Crazy Easy Set Up - Just Clamp and Go

Tool-less set up, REALLY!

No tools and no professional assembly needed. Our patented FASTclamp connector makes display assembly easier than you can imagine because we’ve built the connections and locks directly into the framework. Create stunning exhibition displays that are easily reconfigurable and reusable for any event. 

One Flexible System, Infinite Possibilities

Quality Hardware, In-House Graphics printing

The Flexi-Wave link is concealed behind the graphic giving an elegant look and feel.  The Flexi-Wave link allows the user to 'shape' each graphic section in the desired configuration that your booth space requires.  Plus, you can add or subtract as many graphic sections as needed. 

Gorgeous Graphic Alignment

Flexible enough for Any Marketing Event

When you choose Wave or Ripple exhibit systems, you’ll experience our in-line magnetic graphic system, a revolutionary engineering process that automatically lines up your graphics perfectly every time, on any surface. Plus, it allows you to assemble your display faster than ever before.

In-House Quality Assurance

Vibrant Graphics Makes a Big Impact

When we create and build exhibit at our facilities, we can guarantee your display’s quality and finalize the production of your ISOframe project in 7 business days rather than months. Plus, we test-assemble every display, so you can be sure it looks and works exactly as designed.

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Interchangeable Hardware Components

Making a Statement has Never Been Easier

ISOframe displays are all part of the same family so you can combine sections of different models into hybrid systems. And, with interchangeable graphic panels, you can adapt your trade show exhibit as your needs or designs change.

Full Range of Accessories

iPad, Monitors, Podiums, Doors, Shelving, OH MY!

Boost your display’s appeal by adding literature holders, flatscreen TVs, shelves, tables, rooms, doors and more. Our full line of accessories gives you the freedom to build an expo display that reflects your specific business needs. With all the choices, there’s almost nothing an ISOframe exhibit can’t handle.

It's a Tool Free Zone Set Up

Perfect set up for the flexible exhibitor

The ISOFrame modular trade show display is perfect for the exhibitor who requires flexibility with their trade show display.  From building on making a larger display set up to breaking down for the smaller shows the ISOFrame display grows with your brands ongoing needs.

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ISOFrame Wave modular display key buying features.ISOFrame multiple panels featuring individual panel breakdown.

Download ISOframe brochure and price guide

More about our ISOFrame Modular Display System…

Think of the wildest shape you can imagine for a display booth. ISOframe Wave can fit that idea — and then quickly transform into yet another new shape.

All ISOframe systems are easy to set up with tools-free assembly, completely modular and adjustable even after set-up.

Thanks to our patented Flexi-Wave link, each panel is strong and flexible — and ready to hold your most amazing convention display concepts. From curving lines, merchandising areas, TV screens and tables, to a storeroom with shelving on either side. One ISOframe Wave system can adapt to fit any of these ideas and more.

With ISOframe Wave you can flex your entire graphic wall into any shape and adjust the shape of your convention display to fit the venue. Extend or reduce your display without reprinting graphics, while attaching a wide range of accessories or incorporating a free-standing rooms in your design.

Our ISOFrame modular display system is the first fully flexible customizable display system with connecting panels that can be shaped and curved to fit your trade show booth space.

A pop-up that doesn't look like a pop-up!  ISOframe Wave Brand modular display is a modular pop-up system - perfect when speed, simplicity, and stability are paramount. Stunning looks, infinite flexibility and extremely user-friendly -- the ISOframe Wave is the first fully flexible display and exhibition system.  Just flex the entire display wall into the trade show booth space at each venue location, extend or reduce as your conference space requires. All thanks to the unique and patented Flexi-Wave link which give you the total flexibility of your ISOframe system to flex 180 degrees in both directions.  

Our ISOframe Wave Brand modular display graphic panels are manufactured exclusively by Affordable Exhibit Displays at our Maine, USA facility so you can expect high quality with this display booth. We aim for a trouble free life for your display and include a Lifetime Warranty on the ISOframe hardware components. If any issues arise due to hardware manufacturing defects the parts will be repair or replaced at no charge.  Everyone wants good quality results - not only at the time of purchase but for the future as well.

A super strong frame means that graphics hang perfectly and heavy media screens and useful table attachments can be attached easily - all without tools of course - in true ISOframe style.  The aluminum framework is easily assembled and all hidden for maximum visually graphic effects.  Easy to transport with a tool-less assembly make the ISOframe Wave unit the perfect modular, self-build display and exhibiting system made today.  Add independent circular podium or rectangular podium or LED stem lighting to highlight your full color graphics.

With these benefits in mind, we can help you make the best selection possible. When you want to create a totally new and different look that can still work in small spaces, check out our new ISOframe systems, including the Wave which introduces the world's first fully flexible backwall system.  

We look forward to assisting you in the big decision over which display items best suit your needs not only for the next upcoming exhibiting show you may be attending but for any and all future uses you may want to get out of your portable trade show exhibit purchase This is why we’ve created the retractable trade show banners, table displays and posters you need to effectively advertise your business.

By making these trade show displays affordable for you, we feel like we are invested in your business and we want all of our customers to feel the same way about us.  AffordableDisplays.com offers many already put together trade show display packages for you to choose from.  Call 800-723.2050, chat or contact us and get started on your project today!