Multi-Use Portable Trade Show Displays

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Many of our customers purchase portable displays mainly for use at a trade show, but have you ever thought of utilizing the same display in other ways as well. We realize not all companies also do other marketing events such as open houses for real estate companies, pop up shops for retailers, red carpet events or other B2B networking events. Have you considered maybe you aren’t doing these other events because your trade show display doesn’t accommodate for the multi-use?

Below are some examples of how you can use our portable booths for other events besides trade shows. If you already own one of our portable booths but want to get more use out of your portable display between trade shows, feel free to reach out and chat with us for ideas to get creative!

Multi-Use Portable Trade Show Displays

Lounge, Discussion Area

Tension fabric display options are an excellent solution for a pop up lounge or discussion area. With the ever changing trade show trends, exhibitors are becoming more creative with their booth spaces, incorporating this trendy new option to stay relevant and be remembered. Tension fabric displays allow you to really show off your brand in new innovative ways.

By simply adding a retractable banner stand, counter or table cover, you’ll easily add depth to your trade show booth. But these add-on items could also be utilized in your office entrance or used at smaller events, such as a job fair or other community events, when trade show season is not in full effect.

Step-n-Repeat, Photobooth

Another trendy marketing piece for trade shows or events are step-n-repeat backdrops. Having an easy to assemble and durable tension fabric backdrop will cut down your time and effort during set up. Your high-quality, glare free logo graphics will make a great backdrop for photos at your various events.

These logo backwalls are great because even if you aren’t necessarily selling anything, you can still enforce your brand visually for any industry gathering or company party. Tension fabric step-n-repeat backwalls are the perfect solution even when the show is over – simply set-up in your office entrance for all visitors to enjoy. Tip: consider where you’re setting up and also time of day. Night time events may require some light features, and you can always upgrade to a lightbox option.

Fundraisers, Local Events, Job Fairs

There are many advantages to a tension fabric display including portability which makes packaging your trade show display smaller, easier, lighter and may result in shipping cost savings and storage costs. Another advantage is the ability for your fabric graphic to be washed, dried, ironed, steamed, folded or rolled for storage. You’ll also love that there is no glare on the fabric because of the smooth, non-glossy fabric finish which is perfect for an indoor trade show or high lit areas.

Sampling Bars, Product Shelving

Portable displays allow you to set up quick serving bars for food or beverages. Our Advertising Tent is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and made to be resilient to wear and tear with continuous use by the frequent exhibitor. All you have to do is focus on promoting your product, service or brand.

Sampling bars or counters add style and function to your trade show booth space by allowing you drive your message, product or service right up front. Use any of our effective point-of-engagement presentation counters to give demonstrations, sign up attendees for notifications, emails or giveaways or even have attendees purchase your products right then and there. These trade show counters and podiums give your exhibiting booth space more opportunity to drive home your brand or land more sales.


Adding shelving to a trade show pop up display is most definitely a game changer when it comes to product display during an event. Having the ability to display your product and have it available for the consumer to have a hands-on experience could certainly seal the deal.

Final Thoughts

Portable booths give you the freedom to set them up yourself without incurring labor fees. Even a large 20ft tension fabric display can be set-up by 2-3 people quickly and easily without tools. If you are interested in purchasing a portable trade show display for your next trade show or event, contact us here!

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Table Cover Printing Graphics Advice

Your trade show table just isn’t completed without your logo branding.  Simply put, it just makes your booth table and space come around full circle.  It brings an added branding to further reiterate your company’s brand providing a higher, more professional look and feel to your booth space.

Purchasing a custom printed logo table cover can be a daunting task to begin.   For most, its choosing which type of printing method is the best for your company logo.  With our logo table covers you can choose from either a full 4-sided throw covers where table cloth fabric covers the top and all 4 sides of the table, or choose an open back solution which is 3-sided and the back of the table cover is mostly open allowing you to sit behind the table without having extra fabric hanging in your lap.

Affordable Exhibit Displays offers trade show table throws with custom graphics printing to fit standard size 6’ folding tables and 8’ folding tables.  Plus, you can add the convertible feature to an 8ft throw cover to ensure a proper fit on both 8ft and 6ft tables.

Sometimes, it’s just about keeping it simple.  A 6ft 1-color vinyl permalogo or an 8ft 1-color vinyl permalogo table cover is the perfect choice.   The types of logo file needed to complete this type of table cover is a vector file.  A vector file is either an .eps, .ai or even a .pdf, you can read though the graphic specifications just to be sure you’re submitting the proper logo file.

The permalogo comes in a variety of colors however you are limited to only the colors available.  Permalogo is vinyl cut letters or shapes that are heat set and sealed onto the fabric.  A Permalogo table cover may be washed but not machine dried and can be ironed but not over the Permalogo portion.  

1-color printed logo table cover by affordable displays.
1-color printed logo table cover by affordable displays.

Sometimes, a full color printed 6ft logo table cover or 8ft logo table cover works better for your brand.  That’s why we offer a full color dye sublimation printed logo table cover.  The dye sublimation printing process is best for complex images or artwork, images with gradients, PMS color matching, or printing that may be needed on the top, sides or all over the table cover.  Dye sublimation is a printing process in which the imagery is dyed into a white table cover fabric.  This process is similar to our clothing or bedding.  A dye sublimation logo table cover may be machine washed, machine dried on low, ironed or steamed.

Dye sublimation table cover
Maine Seed Company 6ft custom dye sublimation printed table cover by Affordable Displays.

Table cover purchasing process with

To submit your art files to us for printing onto a 6ft trade show table cover or 8ft trade show table cover, you must first select the table cover of your choice online and add this to your cart. After your order is placed, you will receive an email with your order number and our online FTP where you can upload your logo or art file. Or if you feel speaking to an Image Consultant at is the way to go just call 1-800-723-2050.  

IMPORTANT:  If you are planning on submitting your table cover ready to print then please use the appropriate table cover template (just scroll to the bottom and look for the tab called table covers, click on the tab to open revealing the template choices) to create your table cover.  You can just ask the Affordable Displays team if you need any assistance with setting up your logo.  You may submit your logo to our Graphics Dept. as well.  They will review the file type to ensure it is appropriate for the table cover printing process chosen.  Our Graphics Dept. can take care of the sizing and setup of your branded logo within the template if needed.  Of course, we provide you with an online EProof to approve before production begins.

Table cover template showing how artwork is set up using a program such as Adobe Ilustrator.
Table cover template showing how artwork is set up using a program such as Adobe Ilustrator.
8ft printed logo table cover is perfect for not only trade show use but any other marketing event as well.
8ft printed logo table cover is perfect for not only trade show use but any other marketing event as well.

All table covers and trade show table cloths that include graphics on our website are priced either with a 1-color Permalogo or a full color Dye Sublimation printing process. This means that you won’t be charged additional costs – as in set up fees – for the amount of printed colors in your logo or words in your art files. Additional charges will apply only if your logo needs to be recreated into a high quality format to achieve a top notch outcome.  

Eproofs will be sent to you within 24 hrs after you upload your logo file is received and no printing will occur without your approval. Graphic templates and sizes are available online and you can also request detailed art information from [email protected].

22 Top Reasons why Exhibitions Are Key to Marketing

The key to any brands marketing campaign.
Exhibitions, trade shows, expos, conventions, conferences. Whatever you call them each one is vital to any brands marketing campaigns.
Exhibitions, trade shows, expos, conventions, conferences, symposiums, job fairs, career fairs, are the many names to describe face-to-face marketing venues that every brand should be involved in.  Whatever you call them each one is vital to any brand marketing campaigns.  Read 22 statistics on why trade shows still outperform other marketing medias.
1.91% of attendees rank trade shows as “extremely useful” as a source for product purchasing information.

Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau

2.The vast majority (87%) of survey respondents state that national exhibitions are an “extremely useful” source of needed purchasing.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research 2004 report entitled “Decision Makers Prefer Exhibitions”

3.79% of attendees say that attending shows helps them decide on what products to buy.
Source: Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

4.91% of attendees say that trade shows impact their buying decisions because the competition is in one place allowing for comparison shopping in real time.
Source: EXHIBITOR magazine, 2006

5.91% of attendees tell us they get the most useful buying info from trade shows and events.
Source: Skyline Exhibits, 2006

6.Trade shows are the #1 sales or marketing medium for quickly overcoming objections and accelerating the buying process.
Source: Skyline Exhibits, 2006

7.On average, 77% of all qualified attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. The results from this study have been consistent for the past 20 years.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research report entitled “Exhibitions Attract Market of Visitors with Buying Authority”

8.In 2007, an average of 82% of exhibition attendees reported that they had buying influence for exhibited products.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research report entitled “Exhibitions Attract Market of Visitors with Buying Authority”

9.Approximately two-thirds (63%-70%) of trade show attendees place a high level of importance on face-to-face interaction during the pre-purchasing stages.
Source: CEIR’s six-part study series entitled, “The Role and Value of Face-to-Face Interaction”

10.When asked the question “Which marketing mix components do you find most effective in achieving [specific] objectives?” respondents answered overwhelmingly that exhibitions are more effective than business-to-business advertising, public relations, direct mail and telemarketing.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research Report from research conducted by Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group report titled “Exhibitions Are More Effective in Achieving Sales/Marketing Objectives: The Power of Exhibitions II: Maximizing the Role of Exhibitions in The Total Marketing Mix”

11.76% of attendees rate face-to-face meetings with potential new vendors very or extremely important.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research as presented to the Major American Trade Show Organizers January 22, 2003

12.Trade show visitors will tell 6+ people about their experience.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research

13.87% of exhibitors rate face-to-face very or extremely important in marketing to prospects.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research as presented to the Major American Trade Show Organizers January 22, 2003

14.Overall, face-to-face interaction is of high importance to over 60% of attendees along most of the purchasing and customer relationship stages of the continuum.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research

15.97% of all qualified attendees represented a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies.
Source: Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

16.The cost of contacting a prospect in the field is $308, which does not include the cost of identifying that prospect prior to the sales call! The cost per visitor contacted at a trade show is $212!
Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau

17.85% of decision makers say attending trade shows saves their company time and money by bringing vendors together under one roof.
Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research

18.Trade shows cost 38% less than sales calls for generating a sale.
Source: American Business Media, 2006

19.Trade shows are the #1 business-to-business marketing spend to support sales, beating out specialty publications, internet, promotions and PR respectively.
Source: Market Reality eSurvey

20.The average total cost of closing a sale in the field is $1,080, while the cost of closing a sale to a qualified trade show prospect is $419.
Source: Trade Show Bureau

21.Trade shows allow exhibitors to show their full product range in real life rather than a catalog. Let buyers use all five senses to gain a full appreciation of your product and gain immediate feedback on products.
Source: EXHIBITOR magazine, 2006

22.Trade shows provide valuable insights on your current and new competition.
Source: American Business Media, 2006

According to the AEM, these are the top reasons.

22.Trade show booths from Affordable Exhibit Displays, Inc. are able to be transported easily, set up quickly, and viewed with envy by all.  Call us today!
Source: Affordable Exhibit Displays, 2011

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