Opportunity Still Knocks When Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Trade shows continue to be a fantastic way to promote your products and services and attract new customers. However, picking the right event isn’t always easy. Before selecting a trade show that best meets your exhibiting needs, it helps to be aware of all the different types that are available and make sure your attendance will be worthwhile in terms of both time and money. Here are a few of our best tips to help you choose the right trade show! Continue reading “Opportunity Still Knocks When Exhibiting at Trade Shows”

The Future of Trade Shows: Virtual & In-Person

Participating in trade shows and conferences are the ideal way to strengthen your brand and take your business to the next level.

Up until now, trade shows have been an integral part for all industries; the important building blocks of the industry among them. Sales and marketing managers alike say a trade show is an effective method to generate quality leads and gain in-person trust, but now may have to consider whether their event budgets will decrease temporarily for the coming year. Continue reading “The Future of Trade Shows: Virtual & In-Person”

Top Trade Shows Still Happening in 2020

Although it may seem like much of the country has cancelled or postponed 2020 trade shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still face-to-face events and conferences on schedule for the very near future. In a recent article on TSNN.com, Chris Collinson and Patrick Higgins of Connect, an Atlanta-based producer of live events, describes measures that will be implemented at their 2020 conferences, that can be adapted to any event.

“The entire industry is hurting, and we are looking for a win-win solution that will help grow our events while helping our partners when they need it most,” Collinson said.

They are implementing new safety measures launching the Safe + Clean Connect plan to help prevent the transmission of coronavirus as well as promote healthy best practices that planners can adopt at their events. These measures include temperature checks, mandatory masks for attendees and staff, hand sanitizer stations and larger aisles to effectively socially distance. Continue reading “Top Trade Shows Still Happening in 2020”

Educate Yourself on Trade Show Industry and Exhibiting Terms

Exhibiting made simple with these helpful trade show terms.
Ever wonder what certain words mean in your exhibitor packet. We’ve got a list to help you get through all the extra jargon.

For anyone who attends trade show locally or across the globe you know that the terms listed in your Exhibitor Packet can be extremely confusing especially if you are a new to trade shows. Words like A/V, drayage, cherry picker, I&D and CWT– what do they all mean

Although it doesn’t seem like you need to know the meaning of all trade show terms, these are all an important part of the process leading up to, during and even after the show.  

Download our Glossary of Trade Show Terms

DOWNLOAD our Glossary of Trade Show Terms now!

Although it may seem like the most important part is of course your trade show display, knowing the difference between an Convention Center and a Pavilion, or a cross aisle booth versus an island booth, can save you time and trouble the day of your trade show event.

Now that you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with the most common trade show terms, you might be wondering when trade shows became so complicated! That’s where AffordableDisplays.com swoops in to save the day! We’ve been in the trade show industry for over 25 years and we’ve learned alot. We’ve also produced thousands upon thousands of trade show displays and banner stands within this time so it’s easy for us to explain the ins and outs of a trade show. Explain what to do and what not to do–that’s our job. You’re job is to show up and look amazing!

How to Find Trade Shows FAST!

Online Trade Show Finder
Use this free online tool to find trade shows you’ve been missing out on.
This is the biggest part of attending Trade Shows and possibly the most overlooked is planning in advance on where you’ll be exhibiting. Who isn’t a procrastinator now and again but planning ahead for a trade show is what will make or break it.

Sounds simple but it can be if you do your homework. If you’ve never attended a show before and want to start it will make a difference if you research the shows that will be worthwhile for you to attend. With numerous trade shows every year in the United States, there should never be a loss of places to exhibit.

Researching potential shows to find out where your company or product best fits is a must-do. We’ve taken the guesswork out of searching for other potential hot trade shows to attend.  With the use of our free online Trade Show Calendar, you’ll easily connect with finding other trade shows you’ve been missing out on.  We’ve got a completely free, always updated way to get in touch with the latest trade shows all around the USA!  It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s all FREE.

Give it a try today.  Locate the show when you want and where you want.  It’s all online so access our trade show finder from work or your home office.  It’s that easy.  Use this free online tool to find other trade shows you’ve been missing out on.

Here are a few places to start your research:
– Ask your local and area Chamber of Commerce leaders
– Contact any Associations or Organizations you belong to
– Ask friends or colleagues in the same business as you and get their advice

Good luck in your search for potential trade shows to attend!  While you’re finding new venues to exhibit at don’t forget to give some attention to your trade show booth needs as well.  If you are in need of a trade show display, or just need an updated look for your brand then take a look at our Trade Show products.  Partner with Affordable Exhibit Displays today to perfectly present your image.