A Small Business Marketing Staple

Table top display boards
A table top display is a no fuss marketing staple for any size business.

Sometimes big isn’t always necessary, needed or allowed.  Not every marketing situation requires a large display.  That’s where a great table top display comes into play.  With an array of sizes to choose from there is always a great option.  Our most popular are the Promoter tabletop display boards and the AcademyPro table top displays which have been created to offer easy setup. Once the show is over the boards simply fold back up and packed away.

USA Made Promoter table top displays is offered in 3 size series.
USA Made AcademyPro table top display series is offered in 4 different size series.

This type of table top display is among the most affordable.  Plus, at the same time is one of the most popular choices which performs well in all trade show venues. The textured carpet like fabric of these tabletop display boards which can easily accommodate any graphic utilizing the hook side of velcro. Graphics easily adhere to the velcro receptive fabric making the graphics interchangeable. As exhibitioners know, creating a trade show display that draws a crowd is vital and is the purpose of any trade show.

Not all table top display models are created equal

However, this is a buyer beware item so keep in mind that not all table top displays are created equal.  Sure you can find a 3-panel table top display on Amazon for $69 but how long it is going to truly last.  Why not purchase a new table top display that is worth it knowing that it will last the test of time because a full Lifetime Warranty is offered for both the Promoter and the AcademyPro displays.

Lifetime Warranty – No questions asked! Have confidence in knowing you’re covered

A typical panel table top display is covered in a velcro receptive fabric.  This environmentally friendly Premier® Brand Fabric keeps the environment in mind.  Premier® brand fabric is manufactured with a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles.  Now offered on our site these table top displays can be chosen in several vibrant colors such as 3 blues, 3 grays, black, tan, burgundy and forest green.  A Promoter display with eight yards of fabric would keep 80 plastic bottles out of a landfill. This velcro-receptive fabric covers the front and back of your panels allowing you to display laminated prints or mounted prints with ease. Changing or updating your message has never been so easy!

Eco-Friendly Premier® Brand Fabric is quality with the environment in mind.

The USA made AcademyPro Panel Display is available in only a 3-Panel Style but is available in 4 panel heights – 18″ high, 23″ high, 28″ high & 34″ high.  Our AcademyPro tri-fold presentation tabletop consists of an 22” wide center panel and two 11″ wide wide panels with hook and loop Premier Velcro receptive fabric which allows for unlimited changing of your printed items or photos. For added strength and durability, the fabric panels are constructed with internal aluminum hinges, sturdy interior fiberboard and black PVC protective trim. Includes your choice of standard Premier fabric color.

A Table top display is prefect for many uses

Perfect for any on-the-go presenter, college fairs, job fairs, small business or trade shows with height or size restrictions.  Both of the Promoter and AcademyPro brand tabletop display boards are offered as a double sided allowing the purchaser to select different colors.  Proudly manufactured in Maine, each table top display brand is 100% USA made.  By selecting top quality components, these table top displays are a good long term investment for trade shows and they can also be used to give quick one-time presentations.

To view the different types of tabletop display boards, feel free to visit the Affordable Displays website, www.affordabledisplays.com, and choose the correct tabletop display boards that will work best for your product and for your display needs.


Pin Point Your Trade Show Display Style

Helping to pin point which trade show display is right for your brand.
There is a trade show display for every budget and every use. Find out what options there are.

Generating leads and making sales are your #1 priorities, and your trade show booth – both the physical space and the display – can help you do this. When you are displaying in a trade show environment, you want to project just the right image for your company; one that makes potential clients want to learn more after their first glance. Which brings us to the question: Do you know your trade show display style?

Let’s walk through some of the most popular options to choose from in the wide variety of displays out there today. We are sure one of these will suit your specific show needs and style!

Tempt your potential prospects with a versatile banner stand. These are a hit in the trade show industry! These lightweight portable displays are designed with your transporting needs in mind and most come with an easy to carry bag. Add your eye-catching banner design and potential clients and competitors will notice your company.

The two main types of banner stands are:
Retractable banner stands: Similar to a household window shade, pull the banner up from base and hook to top of the center pole.  The banner graphic retracts down into their metal base, they generally come with a carry bag and set up time is seconds. Great for the quick, one-person shows.

Non-retractable banner stands: Simple design includes a weighted base and center pole with roll-able banner material.  Roll your custom banner up manually for storage.  They generally come with carry bag and set up is also within a few minutes.  Typically weighing about 6-15 lbs.  They also work for the one person shows.  Some models even connect together with magnetic to form a large graphic wall.

Banner stands come in a wide variety of sizes. Widths and heights vary per stand model. Typically, you will see a width of 24”-36” and a height from 72”-84”. A banner stand can be used alone on the floor, set on a table or in addition to your already existing display unit. Use during the one day show, in a church setting, business lobby, career fair, or during your next big presentation to impress the higher-ups. These simple stands have the ability to impress in any setting.

Attract attention with a table top display and use it as a powerful resource to showcase what you have to offer. Table top displays are perfect when you’re limited by space or budget. And how easy they are to use by a single person — simply unpack, unfold and set on a table. Take advantage of the left over front space on the table by displaying handouts or small products, use a laptop for demonstrations or as a writing area. Being so portable and lightweight anyone can be on their way to fantastic trade showing with a table top display.

Control the flow to your presentation are with a freestanding full-size display. Utilizing the floor display is a great way grab attention. Free floor standing most are approximately 90” (7 ½’) tall and come in a wide variety of widths most commonly 6’ to 20’ wide. These booths are designed to be portable so they are easy to bring from one event to the next. Most are single person set up but some require two or more to help.

Table top and full size displays are available in these most common styles:
Panel display: with permanently connected panels or individual panels that connect together- Traditional style – May have double sided or single side panels- Usually covered with a VELCRO® receptive fabric- Easy graphic changing

Pop up display: modern style with a characteristic curve – Modern style – Generally comes with everything you need to get started- Usually has VELCRO® receptive fabric panels, aluminum frame and a wheeled compact shipping/storage case- Easy graphic changing- Optional wrap around graphics available- Generally come with a manufacturer’s warranty on the frame components

Full size free standing floor displays have the ability to connect multiple units together forming larger versions for nationals shows but can be used independently for the state-wide shows.

ACCESSORIES …Accessorize and complete the function of your booth by adding these items:
– Tall folding director chair – rest your feet and sit at eye level
– Podiums or counters – interactive stations or use as a barrier
– Folding tables – travel without worry of table size
– Throw covers or Table runners – cover the table and show your image
– Literature stands – holds handouts neatly in one spot
– Projector screens – PowerPoint presentation made easy