One Place Where Talking Too Much Is A Must

Seal the deals at a trade show with making sure your engagement is high.
Trade shows are a place where talking is not only a must but where too much of it is perfect.
You advertise with newspapers, magazines, online, before and after the trade shows – the list goes on and on. Has that been working for you? Of course, your still in business aren’t you. But, a whole new world can open up with this marketing tactic at your next trade show.  Engagement by conversation is a must at a trade show.  Here are some tips to keep the talk going.
Let’s see if you can guess it:
1. It is rarely talked about and has the potential to boost you not only in general but at a Trade Show tool.
2. If done right, it costs nothing.
3. If you have a great product it should come easy to you.
4. It carries far more weight than any of the other media methods above.

Can you guess what it is? If you answered Word of Mouth Marketing, you were right. Word of Mouth Marketing is a ‘consumer-to-consumer’ based marketing technique.  Sealing the deals at a trade show by making sure your engagement is high and Word Of Mouth Marketing can take you there.

Myth: Word of Mouth Marketing is about getting others to spread your ‘marketing message.’

Truth: Word of Mouth Marketing is really about building a great product and letting your customer pass on the news however they feel.

Word-of-Mouth marketing builds immediate value and worth for your company/product because it comes from a trusted source – business partners, peers, relatives, friends and so forth. How many times have you tried that new razor or brand of gum just because someone else told you how great it was? I bet you can think of at least one time and it may even be recent. That was Word-of-Mouth advertising – effortless to do and great for the product.

But how can this be encouraged and transfer over into a trade show environment? Word-of-Mouth can greatly increase the interest at your booth during a trade show.Try some of these simple techniques to help boost the word that is spread about you at a trade show.

1. Engage the attendees. Like we have said before it’s all about keeping the attendee entertained. Product demonstrations are a great way to engage the attendees giving them the ‘wow’ factor you are looking for. The ‘wow’ factor is what prompts them to turn around and whisper in the ear of others – check out xxx’s booth, their product is really cool.

2. Interact with them. Take their photo at your booth. Utilize this a couple of ways: either send a white paper after the show with their photo or let them know you will be using it in your newsletter or posted on a web page thanking all of the visitors you had. Conducting interviews or surveys gives you an opportunity to mingle and gather valuable feedback information all at the same time.

3. Ask their opinion. Asking for their honest opinion of your product or service can prompt conversation as well. This is a opportunity to get some feedback from the end users, giving you an incite into what they may be saying to others out there. Ask if they have ever recommended your product to anyone they know. This may give you a good idea on how word of mouth works for you.

4. In last months July newsletter, we talked about choosing your Promotional giveaway. Well, this little item is also intertwined with word of mouth at the trade show. If it unique enough the show-goers will be spreading the news – visit booth # to get your own. The giveaway can work for you throughout the whole show. A carrying type item will do the advertising for you.

5. Lastly, start early with your advertising efforts. Promote your strongest reason to get the attendees to start talking about visiting your booth before the show even begins. Enticing them to tell their fellow associates attending the show will draw more visitors to you. In the end more word of mouth will be spread.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your product and how much they – the users – like it. The more buzz you create the greater word spread will be achieved. Isn’t that what you are aiming for?

It’s a Photo Opportunity In Your Booth Space

Photo ops at trade shows.
Your trade show booth is the perfect opportunity to take some in action photos to spread across social media.

Bring your camera or have that smartphone handy! There’s a whole list of things to remember to bring but don’t forget the opportunity you have to create buzz before, during and after the show with some great trade show booth action shots. After all the work that goes into creating an exhibit, time spent at the show and the traveling involved, a picture to post will be benefit your brand in the future.

Plus, photo taking at your next trade show is not only a great way to show off the exhibit and the atmosphere at the show to colleagues who could not be there, give yourself a reference point for next year as well. Remember to take pictures of things you want to change, so you can remember what not to do next year.

Try this… if you want to use your photos for professional print publications, or if you want to blow them up to make graphics, make sure your smartphone or digital camera takes high-resolution pictures.

Tip: Digital pictures taken in the JPG or TIFF format with at least a 300-dots-per-inch resolution are your best bets. Digital cameras with at least 3 Megapixels usually offer this option. Cameras that only take pictures in low-res JPEG formats are fine for your Web site, but are not good enough quality for print publications and are definitely not good for wide-format printing.

And what about social media, press releases, blogs, and so much more. Take those in action pictures and make sure to put them to good use before, during and after the show.  Remember your next trade show event could go viral.  Be sure to take plenty of photos!

5 Tips To Help You Focus Better At A Trade Show

Focusing at a trade show here's 5 tips how
5 Tips To Help You Focus Better At A Trade Show

Scanning the Trade Show crowd sometimes can be surprising at how many people stopped their every day business to attend the show. Coming from local and from far away places but yet all are there for the same reason.

Yet, year after year attending that same trade show with so many others may seem tedious and repetitive feeling what’s the point in all this effort…

The point: if nothing else, a Trade Show is no better a place to form new relationships while maintaining and reinforcing the existing relationships.

Here are 5 strategies to keep you and your business going. Because the point is: reinforcement of strength in both presence and relationships.

Tip 1:
Focus on Features. Does every user of your product or service know it completely from the in to the out? Doubt it! Try taking your most overlooked features and push them. Get them recognized as a ‘new’ benefit.

Tip 2:
Focus on the Future. Is something new and exciting coming but not quite there? Are you starting to focus on eco-friendly processing but it’s not quite ready to unveil how. Start the buzz talk now, ahead of time, to get your new and old prospects talking and especially wanting that new service or item. Jump start it now.

Tip 3:
Use the Proctor & Gamble strategy to make something old something ‘New and Improved’. Here and there you may notice they use that on their laundry detergent, shampoo brands, etc. If you have changed your product and it is New and Improved well say it. No need to reinvent the wheel when you can just enhance what you already have.

Tip 4:
Focus on the People. Take your best faces and best workers and put them out there. The ones who make your products, the ones who make your services run smoothly. Put a face on the action behind the scene.

Tip 5:
Focus on Service. Have great customer service. Keep on proving it. Highlight your best services that make your customer’s happy to work with you.

So, the point is even if you think you don’t have something new to say, step back and really think about it. You will find something new based upon what you already have.  And don’t forget to search for new trade show events you’ve never been to before.  A new venture could be the new avenue your brand has been searching for.

Just A Little Positive Note


Trade Shows are a benefit to attend even when times are tough.
Just a little positive note from Affordable Exhibit Displays.

When the going gets tough what do Americans do?  Get tougher!  Even when all that is reported is the Dow is down, losing jobs, the housing market, the almighty dollar, etc. All negative things are being reported day in and day out. And rightly so, it affects all of us the large and the small.

BUT… this post is to say – hold on here – the doom and gloom is really bad but we’re still here aren’t we. Let’s not give up! We’re not ready to throw in the towel or cut our loses. We’re here for the long haul through the good and the bad.

This goes right down to digging in deep and still attending and exhibiting at trade shows.  Keep getting out there, keep meeting new people, keep spreading the word about you and what you do, be seen by the old and new. That’s what a trade show is all about. It’s the place to smile and be proud of the company you stand for. Trade shows are a fundamental avenue for any business to prosper.

And you know what we think is great about being in the Trade Show industry? Everything!!! It’s in these times our services and ability to serve our customers is the most important. It’s in these times that effective marketing makes the difference. It’s in these times that we become creative and are willing to try new things. It’s in these times that we work harder to win.

If nothing else, this post is to give you positive reinforcement that we all can do it and keep doing it no matter how rough it gets. Let’s all weather the storm together! Don’t stop trade showing, don’t stop presenting your business, don’t give up.

Muhammad Ali says it best, “Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”

A Connecting Mobile Trade Show on Wheels

Connecting trade show banner stand system
Banner-Mate 5 panel connecting banner stand system is a mobile friendly trade show display system.

A complete Trade Show 2 GO!!

Our Banner-Mate connecting banner stand trade show display system beats the same ‘ol pop up display by a mile.

Aim for the clean and clear message … If you have been actively doing display research you already know that there are many varieties of displays to choose from. We will end your trade show display challenge by making sure you are aiming for the new fresh approach, the connected Banner-Mate connecting banner stands.

Aim for adapting and expanding … How would you like to cover the same “real estate” as a full size pop up display at your next tradeshow and for a lot less? The Banner-Mate II™ will accomplish both! Pay less than a 10′ full size pop up display and you could have yourself (3) separate units that form an 86″ high x 105″ wide straight mural backwall that is virtually seamless.

Unlike ordinary display systems, the standard 35″ Banner-Mate II™ units can be linked together using the our unique Flexi-Mag connectors which magnetically hook multiple units together.

Design your graphics so that each individual unit may be used independently as well as connected, making the Banner-Mate II™ even more of a great marketing resource. This allows you the option of using only one, two or three units for the smaller applications.

Just take it from the Oxford Networks example above.  The 3 cloud center panels can be used in a 10ft booth space but then with the addition of the 2 side panels their booth now adapts to fit within a 15ft booth space. “The 5 panel display looks fantastic. It was on display in a trade show yesterday in Bangor and everyone loved it. It was a huge hit. There were a lot of inquiries as to who made it for us and we let everyone know it was Affordable Displays. Myself as well as others here are very happy with the work Affordable Exhibit Displays has provided us.” stated Colin from Oxford Networks here in Maine.

Another tremendous advantage is the clean edge to edge look. With no visible bases or feet exposed, only your top to floor graphics with be focused on. Keep your booth space functional with the 14.5″ deep footprint leaving more space for you to move around – a perfect choice where space is limited. The solid Chrome weighted base will ensure the stability and support needed.  Upgrade to the compact style shipping case with convenient wheels for a mobile trade show display on wheels.

Don’t fuss with a telescoping pole, the included 3-section corded Graphic pole requires no adjusting to the right height needed so you easily achieve the right height every time. Supply us with your full color graphics and we will print them on our photo quality banner material. With a photo finish your artwork will represent you!

FYI Printing Process: Banner material is a Photofilm which is laminated. The front laminate has a matte satin textured finish to help reduce indoor glare. If your artwork is high photo quality this material will provide a photo output. Note: This material is intended for indoor use only.

5 Banner-Mate connected banner stand system package
* Set-up Size: 84.75″ high x 175″ wide
* Each Banner: 84.75″ tall x 35″ wide
* Weight: Approx. 8 lbs. per Banner Stand
* Warranty: 5 year Manufacturer on stand components
* Reuseable Grip Rail System
* Quick & Easy Set-up

This Retracting Banner Stand is a Hit in Any Venue

Retractable banner stands for trade shows by Affordable Exhibit Displays
EZPull-Up retracting banner stands are perfect for any trade show venue possible.

Retractable banner stands also known as pull up banner stand positively offer the simplest set-up out of any other trade show display.  With their sleek and simple appearance the focus will be on your full color vibrantly printed banner graphics.  Sleek, simple appearance makes the looks of this roll-up banner stand one of our most popular trade show displays.  

What company wants to be known for having the ugliest booth compared to it’s competitors? That’s where our EZPull-Up banner stand can save your reputation! The clean style of the retractable base is visually appealing and the low profile design targets the focus on your banner information.

The durable aluminum components are lightweight at less than 15 lbs. With all aluminum construction any one of our retracting banner stand units are perfect for trade shows, conferences, marketing events, small businesses, non-profit organization, airports, churches, car dealerships, hotel and bank lobbies!

These banner stand packages are HOT HOT HOT!  The EZ Pull-Up is a retractable banner stand model boasts a 5 year hardware manufacturing defects warranty.  The deluxe spring roller effortlessly rolls your printed graphic up and down inside the base.  With 3 sizes available there is a size unit for any use.  The 28″ wide EZPull-Up is perfect for more compact or small spaces, the 34″ wide pull-up banner stand is our post popular size and the 44″ wide retracting banner stand is great for larger space or is perfect for table top use.


UltraBanner: 13 mil semi-gloss vinyl banner material with a lay-flat ability designed specifically for use in retracting banner stands. This is our standard retracting banner stand material.

PolyCanvas: 10 mil polyester fabric offering a soft canvas-like texture and matte satin finish. Ideal option when a fabric material is preferred. This is an upgrade in retracting banner stand material.

Blockout: 15 oz super smooth, scratch resistant banner media capable of producing a photo quality output. With its opaque blockout properties this material is ideal for storefront use or high lit areas. This is an upgrade in retracting banner stand material.

Oversize Checks Promote Donations, Winnings & More

Big Promo ChecksOur Custom BIG Checks are digitally printed and mounted to durable corrugated plastic.   Using a blank business check design with fake numbers we are able to create a larger than life oversize promotional check for your every use. These personalized checks can be used as a donation check, prize check, reward check or novelty check. Call them what you want! Use them one time or re-use them throughout the year, it’s up to you. With our sturdy and strong backing, this corrugated plastic check will outlast any cardboard or foam core material.
Make your charity event a big deal with an oversized donation check.  We offer 3 standard donation check templates to choose from: blue check, yellow check or green check.  Available with different finishing options such as a dry erase laminate that allows your organization to reuse the check over made out to who and for the amount that is needed.  At no additional fee, we will add your information on the promo check, along with your logo or text at the top left corner if provided.
Or you can design your own check and submit the artwork to us – please call for customized pricing. Your custom check may be full color, black and white – we print it as you provide it. Remember, the better the artwork, the better quality the outcome will be.  Ask about custom graphic background check to promote your brand and donation all at the same time.

Add Life To Your Next Presentation

Custom Life Size Photo Stand Up – small, medium or as large.  Custom life size cut outs make great conversational pieces at both corporate and promotional events or even birthday and anniversary parties.  We create cut outs from 18”x24” all the way to 48”x96” in size.  To get a longer life out of your photo lifesize cut out simply add a top lamination option to your life size standee.  The printed side will be protected from damage, dings and scratches with the addition of the top lamination.  Use anywhere, anytime for almost anything.  These photo cut outs are digitally printed on high quality photo film then mounted to Corrugated Plastic (no paper involved in this process). Folded in half for shipping. Self-standing it comes complete with easel back ready to set up and use immediately.
Submit your high quality artwork and upload your photo/image online today for the photo finish you are looking for.
  • People as in Babies, Kids and Adults
  • Military
  • Product Promotions
  • Special Occations like Anniversaries, Weddings or Birthdays
  • Specialty such as Animals
  • Company logos or School Mascots
  • Mini Size – no larger than 18″ tall
  • Counter Top Size – no larger than 36″ tall
  • Nearly Life Size – no larger than 60″ tall
  • LIFE Size – no larger than 84″ tall

It doesn’t stop at just full size cut outs, we also can print oversize promo checks too.  When submitting your photo or image to, we will review the image uploaded to ensure there will be a high quality imagery outcome.  If our Graphics Dept. has any concerns about how your photo or image will reproduce at the size you’ve requested we’ll be sure to contact you prior to production.  We offer FREE color-correction and minor touch ups of your photo or image, if necessary.  Of course, all orders go through an online E-Proofing approval process as well to ensure your lifesize cut out will look the way you’ve intended. has been creating life size cut outs since 1994.  You can be assured our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and will help assist you place your order and answer any questions about our order process that you may have.  Upload your image today and call 1-800-723-2050, contact us, email [email protected] or browse online 24/7 today!