Trade Show Branding: Top Giveaways Travelers Often Forget

While there was a large decline in travel between 2020 and 2022, data indicates that most businesses are now traveling again. More than two-thirds of businesses with yearly revenues under $1 billion anticipate raising their travel spending.

At your next event, keep these guidelines in mind to be the exhibitor that saves the day by handing out frequently overlooked products. Everyone might be a little forgetful when it comes to traveling.

Travel Essentials

We’ve all left the house for an overnight excursion without a toothbrush or comb. While it’s not impossible to find these products in a metropolis or airport, having an emergency travel kit on hand can be quite helpful for someone attempting to squeeze in as many face-to-face meetings as they can in a short amount of time. Additionally, think about distributing sewing kits or nail files to assist folks in mending a torn seam or broken nail while also attracting potential consumers.

Office Supplies

Recent research on business travel reveals that this year, remote workers will be more likely to travel than their office-based counterparts due to the considerable growth in working from home. On their next work trip, people who often commute by going down the hall may forget to pack office materials. Make your business known while offering useful goods like notepads or backup batteries.

Little Extras

To avoid checking a suitcase, packing for business trips frequently entails bringing fewer items. Additionally, occasionally minor conveniences are overlooked. Give out exercise bands and miniature folding umbrellas to become the unsuspecting hero. These event handouts can foster positive feelings around your company while giving potential customers something to use in an emergency.


Traveling more comfortably and effectively can be facilitated by staying organized. For coworkers or business associates who may be traveling soon, travel organizers or toiletry bags make wonderful presents. By giving your event crew zippered portfolios, you can help them keep crucial documents protected and organized.

Comforts of Home

No matter how amazing the destination, there are some luxuries that visitors will either forget to carry or miss. You can offer some useful replacement products to make event participants feel at home, whether it’s a favorite coffee cup or an ergonomic pillow. Travel pillows and insulated travel mugs will surprise and excite travelers.

Giveaways can save the day!

By planning ahead, you may offer promotional things that will strategically connect your brand with usefulness. At your next live event, show your brand can rescue the day.