Enhancing Your Presence: Beyond the Trade Show Booth

If your company relies on attending trade shows, you certainly want to make the most of your time, effort, and financial investment. Your trade show booth must be properly set up and staffed in order to achieve this goal.
Having a well-designed trade show booth with knowledgeable staff is a terrific way to make connections with buyers, create leads, and record important data at trade shows. Keep in mind these other ideas to make the most of your attendance at these events.

Speaking Opportunities and Presentations

Trade shows, conferences, and conventions are always in need of speakers and presenters. In fact, more than a few organizers will acknowledge that they sometimes find themselves scrambling to fill out their speaker and presenter schedules.

Trade shows begin looking for speakers and presenter a year out from an event, sometimes even earlier. You need to reach out to the organizers of a trade show you plan on attending and offer your services as a speaker or presenter.

Speaking or presenting at the event is one technique to drastically improve your company’s trade show presence outside of the booth. Don’t just offer a long sales speech; always consider the audience’s information demands and interests. Strike a balance between your own subject matter and making sure your topic easily matches the trade show’s topic. To make your idea engaging and unique, try to take a fresh approach to any given topic.

Once you establish yourself as a speaker or presenter, the possibility of giving a speech or presentation in the future is probably still open to you. In other words, you will have prepared the groundwork to improve your company’s presence there at that trade show and are more likely to get invited to subsequent events if you leave a good impression. Additionally, this can bring back additional, improved trade show prospects to increase the success of your company.

Hospitality Suites

Another supplemental activity that you might want to consider undertaking during an event is hosting a hospitality suite. Attendees of trade shows, conferences, and conventions truly enjoy hospitality suites. Moreover, organizers greatly appreciate vendors and exhibitors that take the initiative to host these types of functions during these gatherings.

In most cases, there are several options available to a business interested in hosting a hospitality suite. For example, you can do something as simple as reserving a larger suite at hotel associated with an event and hosting a casual gathering in that space. Alternatively, you can rent a meeting room in the conference center or associated hotel and host a larger group there.

Hospitality suites typically include a bar and a selection of finger food. This type of setup has broad appeal at business-oriented events.

Not only does a hospitality suite enhance the profile of your business at a trade show, it also gives you another setting in which you can (tactfully) pitch your products or services. There is something to be said about the benefits of promoting your business in the more comfortable, relaxed setting of a hospitality suite at a trade show.

Trade Show Sponsorships

The lifeblood of events for trade show organizers is sponsorship. Simply put, a trade show sponsor pays a fee and receives promotion at the event in exchange. The trade show organizer will typically offer various levels of sponsorship; the more you spend, the more exposure you receive during the event. In order to learn about sponsorship opportunities, you should get in touch with a trade show organizer around a year before the event.

In many cases the sponsorship offerings will be clearly defined: you pay x and you get y. In other instances, organizers may be willing to offer “extras” in order to sell a sponsorship. It never hurts to ask for a little something extra, particularly if you are signing early or bringing a large contingent of employees.

Being a trade show sponsor not only increases your company’s visibility, but it can also improve the perception of your brand. Trade show attendees frequently have a higher opinion of trade show sponsors than they do of all the other exhibitors with booths.

bottom line

Participating in these extra events will enhance your trade show presentation. You’ll really make the most of your company’s participation in events. Budgeting early can help you decide what further trade show and conference participation is financially beneficial for your company.