5 Spot On Tips For A Powerful Banner Stand

Whether you know them as pull up banners, retractable banners, or roll up banner stands, this simple product is one of the most effective marketing tools for any type of business. Being able to draw attention in a matter of seconds, a well-placed banner stand is a great way to further convey your branding message. As the most budget friendly marketing display, every business owner should have banner stands in their branding toolkit.

Before we get right into the tips, we want to be sure you know what a banner stand is! Retractable banner stands consist of a custom printed banner that is installed into an aluminum base. Think of it like an upside down window shade, but instead of pulling the shade down like you do for a window, you’re pulling it up and hooking the top to a support pole. 

Banner stands were first created to be portable, eye-catching, and very easy to use for a high travel salesman attending trade shows or exhibitions. Now you see them everywhere – office lobbies, storefronts, sidewalks, airports, shopping malls, medical buildings and more. They are the all in one solution that can be customized to the business owner’s specifications to promote their brand and draw in customers. As a self contained, all-in-one marketing display, a properly displayed banner ensures increased visibility.

Since we know a thing or two about creating a powerful banner stand (we’ve only been doing this for over 25 years), here’s a few helpful tips to get the most out of your banner stand and really stand out!

Tip #1 Usage

Retractable banner stands come in a variety of models for indoor or outdoor use. Indoor banner stands stand out in a lobby or in the middle of a crowded shopping mall, while outdoor models are perfect for grabbing the attention of customers as they walk or drive by your physical location. 

PRO TIP: Decide where, when and how often you’ll be using your banner stand before making a purchase.  

Consider the amount of traffic, on foot or in car, and possible sight paths that could block your message. The great thing about banner stands is they are available in a variety of heights and widths to maximize exposure no matter your location or situation.

For maximum visibility, consider choosing a double-sided model. These include images on both sides of the unit so you can catch them coming and going. When it’s time to take your display down, simply retract the banner into the stand and slide it into the compact carrying case included with the unit.

Tip #2 Size

Choosing the width and height of your banner stand largely depends on where you plan on displaying the unit, or simply personal preference. Retracting banner stands are offered in a variety of widths, as small as 24” wide to a giant 60” wide. There are also some models that offer telescopic poles allowing you to adjust the height of your banner to best fit your space.

The benefits of choosing a wider model are obvious since you can maximize your marketing message on what seems like a billboard size banner. Though our most popular width is the 34” – 36” models, when space is limited our 24” model also allows for great exposure.

Tip #3 Quality

As mentioned above, there is a banner stand for any budget! Whether you’re a brand new start up with a small budget or you’re celebrating your 50 year anniversary and have a larger budget, any business in any industry can benefit from a banner stand. 

With that being said, you actually don’t have to spend top dollar to make a good impression. We have custom banner stands that are budget-friendly and still inclusive of all the great aspects you expect a banner stand to have.

Tip #4 Design: Less is more

When designing a banner stand it’s always best to keep it simple. Large, quality photos, tagline, website, logo and short blocks of text. The use of short, catchy phrases are easy and quick to read, comprehend and tend to make more of a lasting impression. 

After you’ve decided on a bold phrase, you can start to go into more detail, but don’t feel like you have to tell the whole story. Have a brochure or handout next to your banner stand with additional information so they can leave with it. 

PRO TIP: A banner stand is a conversation starter — not the full conversation. Be direct and use bold calls to actions.

The biggest advice we can give when designing your banner is – high resolution or professional photos. This is definitely not something you want to cheat. The higher the quality your photo the better the outcome of your banner. 

Finally, always include contact information, such as website, email, phone, and location, but still be sure to keep it to a minimum.

With customizable, high quality photos, graphics and eye-catching colors, banner stands demand attention and help increase the visibility of your business. Different banner stands work well in different venues, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Tip #5 Choosing your banner stand

The first step to choosing the perfect banner stand is to visit our website: https://www.affordabledisplays.com/33-retractable-banner-stands.  Here you’ll see a number of banner stand options to choose from, including single and double-sided banners, adjustable height banner stands, hybrid models, changeable banner models, economy budget friendly units and green screen banner stands. Take your time browsing – there’s alot to see!

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect banner stand, let’s make it a reality! And lucky for you, everyone here at AffordableDisplays.com has the experience and capability to ensure you receive the perfect banner stand made just for you, at a price that works within your budget. Additionally, you’ll feel confident that you’re getting the most value out of your banner stand.

However, if you’re still unsure which unit will suit your needs best or need assistance creating an unforgettable design, our image consultants are here to help guide you. They work closely with our in house graphic designers which are super easy to work with, and have years of experience working with some of the most recognizable brands. You’ll be getting the best of the best, industry-leading advice out there.

The many uses of pull up banner stands far exceed what you ever thought possible! They allow you to get excited about making your brand shine by designing a banner stand that truly stands out in a crowd. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re curious about what a banner stand can do for you or are ready to get the design process moving, contact us today!